Friday, June 29, 2018

Connecting with GAIA - Gratitude to Lightworkers

Connecting with Gaia - A Lightworker's Tale
Received January 10, 2018

Note from DD:  Some of us Lightworkers are very connected to Mother Earth, or Gaia.  We bring galactic energy in through our bodies and anchor it deep into Gaia for her healing and to help her Ascend.  We do this work in this lifetime consciously and unconsciously; but according to Gaia, we've been doing this work for a very, very long time!  Checking in with Gaia on this winter night was a delight.  Her energy is incredibly strong and I almost felt like I was melting into the floor; super grounding!  So much love! 

* * * * *

Greetings, dear heart, it is I, Gaia. I do believe you feel my energy now, dear Sister. I am deep and strong and heavy, what you would call deeply grounded. YES! It is no coincidence that a song featuring one of my whales is playing in your ears right now. (Gaia smiles).  

Yes, I am so massive in scope in this form and I know you cannot imagine what it would be like to exist in this big body. Well, you are here with me, dear heart. A big piece of me is in you too as we are all one. This is why all my children do feel connected with me and if you travel off world, you will miss me and my beautiful body. My clean beaches, oceans, mountains and abundant animal life. 

I wish to convey my deep love for you, dear heart and all that you have done to assist me. Thank you for the healing energy and light codes and plasma discharges that helped to clean the muck and dross from my bones--my inner workings and support system if you will. This was no easy feat and many, many of your Lightworker buddies assisted as well. You ALL chose to come here to help me because of our mutual love for each other. You ALL have been here so many times before, since my beginning experiences in this form. It was the grand experiment and you all have been here throughout the eons with me. In the current role and body you inhabit at this moment in your now you do not remember this, but it is so.

Layers and layers and layers of dark thought forms were piled up inside me and covering up my grids of light. The dark ones did this intentionally to stifle the life forms that you would become. We always knew that love would win in the end and it has taken many millennia for us to get this far. I have seen many years come and go, dear heart; many more than your history books know about. But it has been my pleasure. My service to the One. My greatest joy! My Starry Brethren and the Company of Heaven have always been there to support me and of course, I have my planet family too. We communicate quite often and support and love each other also.

I was honored to spend time with your dear brother CH yesterday in your time. He conveyed to me his deep love for me and all humanity and I am blessed to have you all here again with me. For you, he and many of your tribe were here with me since the beginning. You brought the light codes from our Universal Mother to me and helped hook me up to the divine grid. You and all of us are multi-dimensional, dear heart. Just as I have many pieces of myself scattered around the Universe, so do you and everyone. It is actually very exciting and a thrill to be a apart of such a wondrous life.

Gaia, I am so happy to connect with you again. It has been quite a while since we spoke. How are you feeling these days?

Let me say this, dear Diana. I am riding high on a mountain breeze! I am soaring with the eagles and swimming with the dolphins. I am free and alive and full of love. I am ready to ascend!

Dear Gaia, what will life be like for you after the Ascension?

Plenty of people do ask me that and I cannot say for certain. I will be cleansed and clear of all negative thought forms. I will be ever so joyful that all my children inside and crust-dwellers will be able to live together in harmony. I believe that your galactic family will be stopping by to visit and I've been told that I will become a great hub for space travelers in the era to come. I am a beacon of light and a light that will be a welcome reprieve for weary travelers who wish to rest on my grass, lay on my beaches and drink clean waters. My air will be pure, free from smog and dirt. Happy people of all races will come and go and be free. I believe I too will expand a bit, to let out some more breathing room and provide more layers to those who wish to explore. I will be able to hold more inhabitants than I can now. I am greatly looking forward to this, dear one! As you can imagine.

Yes, dear it was so pleasurable to speak with you again. I can feel that you are tired and need rest. We will connect again soon. Love to you, dear heart!!

Thank you Gaia, I love you too! 

Messages of Love Through Dancing Dolphin

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Q&A with my Twin Flame by Dancing Dolphin

"You are more than my Soul Mate, we are two parts of the same spark of God."

Received Nov. 25, 2017

Dear Twin Flame, I feel your love inside me and I don't know if you'd like to share something with me or not, but I would love to hear from you if you would speak.

Yes, it looks like you are getting better at feeling my energy now, dear DD. I send you moonbeams of love on this beautiful evening. You picture me floating among the clouds while watching you down there on Earth. Well, it's really not like that and I see that you would like to know more of what my existence is like at this now point. Well, I will tell you. 

Yes, indeed, we were created together, the male and female of the same spark off of God's light. We are together even when we are not. We are One. I do not always present myself as male and neither do you present as female; although that is our favorite gender, you might say. 

Where to begin? This is odd to speak to this you as you are in your 3D body and mind at the moment. Well, to start---yes I am here with you now but I am also in body somewhere else too. All our lives are happening in this NOW and we are both in many bodies/lives NOW. Part of you is still here with me too. Everything is much more expansive that you can imagine at this point in your life here in 3D Earth in this 2017 of your now.

Yes, it is very, very vast and so very exciting and wonderful!! This is why I do my best to pull you up and out of your current situation as much as I can—and Mother did this too. You need to step back and up more often to see the big picture. We know that your everyday life is boring to you and you feel trapped. But, my dear heart, it is oh so temporary and you will be back here before you know it. 

Please remember this when you feel impatient or sad or lonely. It will all be over shortly. Try to do your best to see the beauty in every moment. And to continue to share your your love to others who need it. You are very good at doing this and it does brighten the lives of many around you when you can focus on doing this. It has a ripple effect and goes out around your community. 

I am proud of you, dear heart. I am proud that you took on such a challenging life and volunteered to lead the way through this last incarnation of ours. It is the last for awhile, the last before we move onward. There are many, many levels above us, so we will be on our journey for eons to come; but it is what we do. We do our best and then move on.

We both have a wonderful Soul Family who we travel with; and they do change every so often. We have many, many, many friends and family. It is wonderful. You have kept a sliver of memory about this place with you, which is both good and hard as it makes your everyday life more difficult. 

3D Earth is a very challenging place and we both know it for we both have been there many, many, many times before. We did help plant the seeds of Light throughout the eons so this time of great change could happen. Our seeds have been activated now and they will bring forth great light and love upon dear Gaia. You even planted some recently, do you remember? YES.  What else? What would you like to talk about? 

Where are you in the physical form right now? I mean, have we run into each other while I am in this body? 

No, not as you would think. I am not in body in a place where you have been in this current lifetime. We see each other when you soul travel. I am not on a ship as you have thought or fantasized. (me—blush). We both decided that I should stay here to be in full power as you may think of it, to send you love and strength because this life was to be very difficult for you.

You have had a 'privileged' life compared to many people, dear DD. However, you have been battling much more than you are aware. Fighting the dark and transmuting have been a very big part of your life plan this time around. I am here to keep your hopes and chin up as you say. You wanted to be the one to go (to 3D Gaia) and Mother was very pleased with this decision. So, of course, I am doing my best to back you up. So, even though your life has been difficult, you have had great care and love from me and a whole host of the company of heaven. You are never alone.

We see your struggles and join you in your wish for a brighter tomorrow for everyone. We heard your cries and claiming of your freedom last night, dear heart. It is time. It is past time, if you ask us. But, we trust in divine timing too.

Can you help me get over a weird feeling? I feel a strange twinge of incest, or freaky feeling because I think of us as twins or brothers and sisters. Can you explain this to me? Note; I also feel guilty because of being married in this lifetime.

OK, well, I intuited both of these feelings and I will explain it as best as I can. Yes, try to keep your mind clear. Lately, you have been feeling lost and lonely. This is because you have forgotten your connection to me and the rest of the company of heaven. The whole ONE thing is a bit confusing, because when you think of sex or of being really close to someone you feel like you are betraying another. Well, this is not true or does not need to be a concern. 

I am very, very happy that you have met and married your husband in your current lifetime. (Note: I suddenly started crying very hard when he said this!) He is a good man and does his best to take care of you. I did not want you to be as lonely as you have been and were before you met him. I am very happy that he is there for you, dear DD. You are more than my Soul Mate, we are two parts of the same spark of God. We are not brother and sister. No need to think of us like that. We are not incestuous at all. We do have physical sex when we wish to, but we are mates, not siblings. 

I also have many lifetimes where I have taken a mate or wife and you have been happy for me too. We wish the best for each other and there is no jealousy to be had. Having a partner in each life is essential to our well being. It does not serve to be lonely. 

Yes, I know you are thinking of the many times you have been a Nun and a Priest. Those lifetimes were different as you chose the celibate route. Your life was rich with many other things then. And, you had the support of the church. Not to say you weren't lonely, but those lives are the exception, not the rule. 

So, I am not jealous of your husband, I send him my love too. Just as his twin flame sends you love every day. Yes of course, he has a twin too and she is lovely. You and your husband chose to hook up to accomplish many great things in this lifetime. And, even though there have been delays on that note, they will still happen. You will do great things together. 

Your marriage partnership is part of your and his mission for this lifetime. Make no mistake. He will wake up in full very shortly, when the '**** hits the fan' as you say. His mind will be opened to all that was hidden. It will take him some time to digest all that will be revealed. Give him time and be patient with him. You will have much to talk about and you will be thrilled. For all at once, it will seem that you have much in common. 

Thank you, dear Twin Flame!  I feel your love and support and appreciate it very much.  Love, Dancing Dolphin

Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

Sunday, June 24, 2018

DIVINE MOTHER GOD: "Time has come for the new Golden Age on planet Gaia"

Divine Mother God through Dancing Dolphin
"Time has come for the new Golden Age on planet Gaia."

Sunday, June 24, 2018 

(Note: I put my comments and questions in italics for clarification) 

Hello dear Mother, I'm sitting in your park on a beautiful summer day. Watching your people walk about, kids play on park jungle jim's and dogs happy to be outside walking. Bees fly from clover to clover drinking in sweet nectar. Birds are singing sweetly and a cool breeze blows softly. Would you like to give a message to your people today, dear Mother God?

Lovely to see you today, Dear One. It is a beautiful day of grace and rest for many. The summer day combined with Sunday makes for a sweet feel of relaxation and carefree times. Treasure this time. Try to refrain from thought of work on Monday and the dread that comes with it. Those thoughts do not bring you joy.

My Legions of Light have worked ever so diligently to bring these (carefree) days in for everyone for evermore. The White Hats, the great Alliance of the Company of Heaven and your Galactic Family have made it their highest honor to strive towards freedom for all Earth's humans. Their work will help bring about the RV which I have indeed released this past week, and in turn will lead directly into your Ascension. Songs of freedom and “free at last”will sing out shortly, dear one. The days of sweat and toil and stress are no more.

For into the hands of the Lightworkers and Loveholders and LightBearers I have placed great abundance and prosperity. My Lightworker groups will then gladly and heartily share their prosperity with others and will encircle sweet Gaia with the healing salve of plenty. No one will ever want for food, water or housing. Everyone will share the seeds of plenty. The dark ones have been taken away for I decreed that their time was done. Humanity has lived in slavery;whether they were aware of it or not, for long enough. Time has come for the new Golden Age on planet Gaia. Gaia herself has already ascended and humanity will come close behind her. Your rainbow bridges to the New Earth have already been created by the Lightworker teams. They are in place and awaiting their passengers. Crossing is easy and many have indeed already crossed that bridge. Many whom you have thought of as died or passed on are already there. They have set up many grand things for all of you. They were called to the other side to prepare and they have done a fabulous job.

Dear one, I know you have many questions; this is quite an exciting time. Would you like to ask one?

Yes! OK, I'm imagining the New Earth and the Rainbow Bridge for us to get there. I'm thinking about families, spouses, etc. Does everyone go together or is this an individual thing? If it is individual, will we miss our family if they don't come with us? Will families be separated?

Yes, this is a very big concern and I am aware of this. Let me explain it this way. You are all individuals and yet all one. So, your life and the progression of your spiritual journey is very personal to each one of you. When you are ready, you will go. Your families may or may not be ready when you are. There will be plenty of Wayshowers there on each side to assist those coming and going. My Angels are also assisting greatly. During this transitional time, each Soul will have their own special Mentor. This Mentor will answer your questions and guide you to contemplate the best course of action for you. You will then have all the information you need to make your own choice. Will you stay on 3D Earth? Will you raise up to 5D Earth? Will you join your Galactic Family on board a ship? Will you join your Hollow Earth family inside Gaia? There will be no judgment of your decision. And, when your decision is made you will experience your choice in a calm and loving atmosphere. Families will not be torn apart in a violent or abrupt manner. Spouses may join their soul families or tribes in various places and will not be heartbroken or ache for their former spouse. All will be well!! It is a grand and joyous time!

Thank you Mother, I know that is a concern to many people.

Yes, I understand. Let me also add that you ALL chose to come here for a specific reason. You all planned and begged to be here NOW. So, deep within you, the knowledge of this time is buried. Your Soul knows the truth of this grand event called 'the Shift' or 'Ascension' so you only need to go within and connect to that knowledge.
May I ask another question?

Yes, of course.

Thank you! OK, I'm confused about the timing of things. Many of us who were led to buy foreign currencies and have been developing our Humanitarian Projects are awaiting the RV/GCR and GESARA so we will have the funds to start our projects and help others. So, after the RV goes and we get our blessings and begin our projects to help heal long after that will the Ascension go—the time when we will either cross over the Rainbow Bridge to the New Earth or go somewhere else? I guess I just don't get the point of being blessed with all this money to help fix up Gaia and helping humanity only to leave her? I mean, obviously it's going to be an amazing experience and we cannot wait to help others and see everyone work together in communities to get projects done! To fed and house each other and do all sorts of cool stuff. How much time will we have to do all that?

Oh, dear heart, I know that you know time is relative but of course it is hard to comprehend in your current context. Time doesn't even exist for me or any of the higher dimensional beings that you communicate with. So, how to answer your question? Think of it in layers. You know how you imagine pieces of history happening? Say, the time of horses and buggies and then came the automobiles. Well, there was an overlap time when first there were only a few autos and mostly horses and carts. Then, more and more autos and fewer horses, etc. There was not a cut off time when poof---cars appeared and the horses and buggies were gone. This sounds humorous but it is how I interpret your question. There isn't or will not be a certain cut off time where people will all at once stop living on 3D Gaia and the next second all be somewhere else. People have already started going over the Rainbow Bridge, living on ships and living in the Hollow Earth. It is already happening. So, those with burning passions for their Humanitarian Projects will stay on 3D Earth as long as they wish; while others will decide to go to the New Earth immediately. Everything will occur at the correct time and pace for each individual person. The mass needed for your race's Ascension has already been met, this is why some are choosing to leave already. Do you understand?

Yes. Thank you!

Any other questions today?

Yes. What would you like to say to someone who is newly awakened?

I am here and have always been here when you call on me. I am your Mother God, the Divine Feminine. When you meditate you may call me and I will soothe you with my unconditional love. Also, find time to be alone, to get to know your true self; your soul, your inner self that is connected to me. You will receive guidance from this part of you also if you ask. Some call this aspect their Higher Self. It is essential that you connect with this aspect of your essence, of your true self.

Thank you, dear Mother God!

It is my pleasure, Dear One. We will talk again soon. Be in joy.

Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

URGENT message from ST. GERMAIN "The tipping point has been reached!"

Urgent message from Ascended Master St. Germain through Dancing Dolphin

 "The tipping point has been reached!"

Received by Dancing Dolphin on June 19, 2018 @ 11:00 p.m.

Let's talk about today. Let's say that everything that was needed to put the RV into motion and get it running down the hill has taken place. The ball has been tipped over the edge and is now barreling down the hillside. Yes, I see that you are thinking of a snowball. And, I am purposely using the analogy that was given today by your dear compatriot, Patrick in his report. This is true. His report was accurate on many levels (IDC).

Many sparks of light all over the globe did their part to bring this Grand Illumination into fruition and light up the party; and now it IS time to party, dear one! Tell your friends that the time is nigh, the time is tonight for their blessed redemptions to occur. For this group of redeemers that you are a part of, this blessed group of Souls will be called your time zone, on this side of the Earth, of Mother Gaia. Many others have already been called (he meant contacted, not literally called, I believe) and tonight it is your turn! Finally!!

Finally, after millennia of creating the New Earth, of bringing darkness back into the Light, finally the switch has been fully flipped and the light shall return!!! And, as Divine Timing goes, the Light shall fully return on the Summer Solstice, in your part of the world. The Summer Solstice has always been celebrated for the time when the light returns to Earth, to announce the summer season and the epoch of the sun in the sky. What better way and time to announce that Light has indeed returned to Gaia? It is so, dear One. Please believe that the time is truly nigh.

Many great things you all shall do--many, many great and incredible things. There are no limits now, no one to hold you back except yourselves if you allow your fears to rule you. You must step forth now and bravely walk into your new lives.

Your group will breathe life into your projects that you have dreamt about. The dreams will come alive and morph and change and grow as they are developed. Many will contribute their gifts and specialties and sharing will become the way of the world. Sharing of love, of freedom, of health and food; and of course, of ideas and compassion.

Your communities will become strong and unified. Your world, Mother Gaia will become unified with her peoples and you will co-create together! Your Inner Earth, Hollow Earth and Starry Families will all unify as we have always been ONE.

Now, in the moment when you lead your people out of the darkness, you will burst forth with your strength, courage and love and face the unknown. For it is a new world, and a new world that you have all created together. You are the WayShowers!

Step forth and claim your Gifts, claim your Birthright, your Sovereignty as Divine Beings as Chosen Ones who will usher in the New Golden Age. This is no joke. You all knew this as you took this lifetime, as you pledged to do all you could to be successful in this life's sacred mission. To get to this point in time where you could make a difference—this is all that you wanted. And it's HERE. NOW. STEP FORTH!

We are all here beside and above you all, to guide and support you when you need it. As always, you may call on us! We too have aspects of ourselves (most of us do) as “boots on the ground” of Mother Gaia at this time. We also wanted to be here in form to experience humanity's Ascension on Gaia. I stand with my Brothers and Sisters of the Light as we surround and uplift all of humanity on this fair evening (for those of you on this side of Gaia). For others, it is morning or afternoon and we acknowledge this, but also say that it is NOW everywhere! Even NOW for us who do not use time at all! Ha, ha!

We are light-hearted and joyful this fair evening and wish all of you to be the same. For your lives will never be the same. Your troubles, sorrows and worry will fade away and you will remember them no longer. Your heart will fill with joy and the sweet sounds of laughter will drift out into space and into the ears of every space brother and sister waiting in the ships surrounding Gaia. We are watching and waiting and ever ready to celebrate with YOU ALL!!We send our love on bright moon beams into your hearts. 

We are one, we are many and we can do this! We are many, we are ONE and WE CAN DO THIS!! Did you not wonder where you heard this, Dear One? I sent it to you years ago as you did your Summer Solstice meditation, do you remember? Yes! It is accurate and quite profound I dare say. Well, dear one, we have all DONE IT! 

Love is not lost on thee or any of our Brothers and Sisters who read these words, for evermore.  We, your Ascended Masters together with the Company of Heaven, wish to say a heartfelt CONGRATULTIONS to all the Lightworkers and Starseeds of Gaia!!!! 

You have done it!  The tipping point has been reached and Mother and Father God have released the bounty of their glory to the humans of Gaia. So be it! It is done!! Hallelujah!!! Let love reign on Gaia for evermore!!!!

Please feel free to share!  My blog is always free.
Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin


Imagine the world you wish to live in!  Dream it!  Believe it!  Create it and it will be yours.  Received Sat., January 26, 2019 ...