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St. Germaine through Dancing Dolphin
"Congratulations!  It has begun*!"
Received Wed., July 11, 2018
Let us say that on this day “it has begun” dear One. What would you do then? Would you jump up and down? Would you dance in the streets? Would you kiss your partner? Would you scream from the rooftops? Well, you'd better get going and do all those things, for indeed it has already begun, and earlier than this day!
It began in earnest on the day I told you it was released in May. (Note: on May 22, 2018 I received a personal message from St. Germaine that has not been published). That was the day, the late night right about midnight when I awoke you from your bed and asked you to get up to take my first message to you. That was the day that Mother God fully released her blessings upon all those living on Gaia. The funds, love and gratitude have been flowing in full force since then. It did have some ways to go to get to you and your friends. So now, it is almost m…

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