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QUAN YIN - Urgent Manifesting Refresher - April 30, 2020

Message from Quan Yin: 

Urgent Manifesting Refresher

Received April 30, 2020

Dear Lightworkers, this is your Quan Yin, I AM Quan Yin. I AM full of compassion and love for you today. Today is the now of your life. This is your life right now. Are you happy with it? Are you joyful? Are you wishing it would change? I am here to tell you that there is always room for change. There is always room to make adjustments and create the life that you would love to have. There’s always room for change, dear hearts!

Now, I want you to think about this: how can you go about getting what you want? In your 3D world, it seems that you must be practical. For example, if you would like a boat to fish on, you must get a job where you can make enough money to eventually purchase the boat. Is that accurate? That seems to be the way it works in your 3D reality, doesn’t it?

I am not down-playing or judging anything that anybody wants. It can be a guitar, a new puppy, a new heater for your home, a new stereo system for your apartment or anything. There is no shame in wanting or needing things. But there are ways to get what you want without having to worry about the money that is needed to purchase such a thing.

I’m talking about manifestation; this is what I want to share with you today. Some of you already know about manifesting and how to create what you want in your life. But I’m here to give you a refresher course and to stress the importance of becoming proficient at manifesting.

Step 1 is Visualization. This is where many people make ‘wish boards’ or manifesting boards. Get yourself pictures of what it is that you want, post them on a board and become very familiar with that object. Become so familiar with it that you can close your eyes and see it in front of you in great detail. Make it “real” in your mind.

Step 2 is…Combine your desired object and yourself. Close your eyes, see the object you desire and see yourself with the object. If it is a new car, see yourself driving your new car. If it is a puppy, see yourself walking your puppy. If it is a new bike, see yourself riding your bike. It’s best if you are interacting with the item in some fashion, not just standing next to it.

Step 3 is...Add your powerful emotions to the mix. Allow yourself to dig deep and feel the feelings that you will have with that object. Experience your feelings of joy as you play with your new puppy. If it is a new home, see yourself living in it and really feel the comfort and security it brings to you. See what I mean? It is very simple.

But it’s not only the visualizing yourself with your item but also the emotions that you get from this item. For example; it brings you joy, it brings you comfort, it brings you happiness, it brings you strength or many forms of pleasure. So, really feel those feelings and hold onto those feelings as long as you can. This is the KEY in bringing this item to you! With the changes that have been going on in the energy vibrations of Gaia, you will bring these things to you quicker and quicker and quicker than ever before!

So, these are the basic tenants of manifesting something into your life that you want. Now, if you want a job, it is the same process. If you want a new home, it is the same process. If you want a mate, it is the same process. #1. Visualize the object. #2. See yourself with that object and play out in your mind what you look like as you interact that object; for example, riding a motorcycle. #3. Add your emotions. That is the key! Joy! Inspiration! Love! Abundance!

These are the very basic principals of manifestation and I hope that you all enjoy your lives. In short--match yourself with the vibration of how you will feel when you are using this item or when this item is in your life. See what I mean? This is what brings the item into your now. There is really no end to what you can do with this manifestation technique; there is no end to what you can do! This is how you change your life! This is how you change your world!

This process is also the same for objects that you want to share with other people. So, if you are one who would like to help other people and you may lack the funds to do that work, imagine yourself doing it anyway. Imagine purchasing the necessary tools or supplies or equipment or whatever it is that you need to help other people...maybe to build wells or have enough food whatever it is you need to help people, imagine yourself doing it with an over-abundance of supplies, more than you will ever need—imagine yourself with that and the happiness and joy that you will bring to other people.

So, I encourage you to practice this! Practice manifesting. If you want to test it out, you can do it without even using a visualization board. You can manifest, for instance, a sighting of a monarch butterfly, or a hummingbird—anything that you don’t normally see all the time; even a 4 leaf clover! You can start with something small, but just practice your manifesting skills.

This skill will become increasingly useful for you in Nova Gaia where you will be manifesting all the time. And when you do it there (as opposed to your 3D almost 4D dimension) things will come almost instantly to you. So, you must practice on focusing on what you want because you don’t want to bring into your reality something that you do not want. Focus on the Do’s and just have fun with it! Play with it! I think you’ll all enjoy this.

This is Quan Yin and this is my message for today.  I love you all more than you can know. I AM Quan Yin.

Note from Dancing Dolphin: Lightworkers, this message is related to a message from Sananda from December called “You are all Powerful Creators!” He was encouraging us to practice our manifesting also. It’s pretty obvious that we need to be doing this! Please refer to his message here:
Please feel free to share!
Message of Love through Dancing Dolphin

See video from The Young Lightworkers Channel here:

Monday, April 27, 2020

Ashtara's 5th message to Lightworkers - April 27, 2020

Ashtara from the New Jerusalem Starship

A Message to Lightworkers #5

Global Pandemic, Blended Children, Nova Gaia, Soul Contracts...

Received April 27, 2020

Hello, dear Lightworkers of Gaia, this is Ashtara.*  It’s been awhile since I have reached out to you and I’m sorry about that. We have all been busy; you and I both. Well, let’s see if we can carve out some time to connect today, shall we?

I wanted to let you know that you are all doing brilliantly with the massive changes that have taken place on Gaia. I’m referring to the pandemic and quarantine that is happening all across the globe. Such a dramatic change!! There is much fear and unease in the ethers. We do our best to send you love and light everyday and would love it if you could focus on sending love to the others on your dear planet Gaia as well. Send love, courage and strength to all those who are working so tirelessly to help others; whether they are health care workers, grocery store workers or delivery personnel. Everyone is pitching in to help each other and it is beautiful to behold!! We love to watch how many are stitching up masks for their family and friends and giving them away with love. We love to see those pure hearts who are helping deliver food and supplies to others who are house bound. And, not even close to lastly, but those who are still continuing to feed and house the homeless are at the tops of our list. Please reach out to help one another where you can. The joy you receive in doing so will light you up even more!

Many of your Blended Children have already come to Gaia. They may or may not be with you at this time. They are working on healing Gaia and healing the collective of humanity. You will meet them when the time is right! Please continue to reach out to them in meditations so they know you are thinking of them. As I said, we are highly telepathic. We love our parents but our missions come first and this is a key time where we need to focus on our missions. Much hangs in the balance. So, telepathic communication is best for now.

Lightworkers, the bridge to Nova Gaia, the 5D Earth has been completed and many are passing over as we speak. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine have reunited in joy and have balanced those beautiful energies. You can go there to visit or to stay if you wish, it all depends upon your Soul Contract. Many of you are the Gatekeepers and are helping others to cross over. Some come with their bodies, some without. This indeed is your Ascension!! Many of you will stay behind for a bit to help others here for awhile before joining those in Nova Gaia. As I said, it all depends upon your Soul Contract. Some had contracts to construct Nova Gaia while others are Gatekeepers and still others are Wayshowers who guide others to the Light. All Soul Contracts are sacred, of course. We even have them!! Yes, all Souls make a contract before coming into body. This is what we planned to achieve before we return “home” as you say. Our goals, missions, lessons to learn and so on--not necessary karma based as you may imagine. They are our hopes and dreams for our current lifetime. What is your Soul Contract? Are you aware of it? If not, I would kindly suggest that you meditate on it. Many include more than one mission in their contract; it can be specific or something general like “help others.”

The Divine Plan for freeing humanity from millennia of slavery is almost complete. We have assisted in removing the dark ones from your plane. You, Lightworkers have assisted in transmuting the muck of eons of dark thought forms and dark deeds. Bravo!!!!!!! That is heavy lifting spiritual work to be sure! We know how exhausted many of you are. Please treat yourselves well. Allow your bodies to rest when you need rest. Hydrate with clean water. Eat pure, wholesome fresh foods if you can get them as they will refuel your body.

Every day we get closer and closer to your Ascension. This will happen when enough of you wake up! Many sleeping humans have been jolted awake by the current situation of the global pandemic. Their world has been shaken and this is what was needed! We rejoice at seeing this. The sudden change of their lives has gently birthed a revelation of love. Families are spending time together while parents work from home and children learn online. A unexpected reunion, you might say. Please pray for those who do not have a home, or have an unhappy one. They need your support right now as much as those who are ill with this virus and those who are helping them.

I must be off to continue my work. I send all my love to you, dear Lightworkers of Gaia!!! Keep your heads held high and know that you are doing incredible work with love. We, your Galactic Family are here to help you and your Blended Children love you too. Namaste!

Please feel free to share!
Message of Love Through Dancing Dolphin

*If you are not familiar with Ashtara, she is the blended daughter of Dancing Dolphin and an Arcturian male.  She is currently serving on the New Jerusalem starship of the Ashtar Command/Galactic Federation.  Please see her first message here (there are 4 previous messages).

Friday, April 10, 2020

SANANDA - Heart Protection Technique - April 10, 2020

Message from Sananda for Lightworkers
Heart Protection Technique

Introduction from Dancing Dolphin:  I am an extremely sensitive person as I feel what other people are feeling; whether I want to or not. Some may say I'm telepathic but this 'gift' has it's drawbacks. For example: In March as the Covid19 virus starting spreading throughout the world and countries began shutting down and people were forced to stay at home, I became overwhelmed with the feelings of fear, anxiety and stress. I couldn't calm myself down. Every relaxation technique I tried didn't seem to work. I thought they were my own feelings at first; but then I finally came to realize that I was picking up the feelings of everyone! As soon as I had that realization, I remembered that recently Sananda had told me he was going to give me lessons on how to protect my heart. He said that I would be able to help more people in the future if I didn't feel their pain so deeply. So, I asked Sananda if he could share this information with me now. He said “Of course, anytime!”  I have begun to speak aloud and record messages with my phone instead of typing them. So, you may notice that the messages sound a bit different. They are conversations, not dictations and you can tell that by the casual conversation feeling of them. My suggestion is to read this aloud to get the wonderful feeling that Sananda is speaking directly to you.

Message from Sananda, the Higher Self of Christ Yashua:
Greetings! I first want you to understand that there is no defect in the way you were made. There's no defect in that you are overly sensitive! That is a gift that Mother and Father gave you. I don't want you to think of it as a bad thing, but at this point in time it doesn't serve you and we need to put a little hold on it. We need to tamper it down a bit. It's not just that your heart breaks and aches when you see people suffering, but even when you don't even have direct contact or visual contact with them; you're picking up the anxiety of the world. But you're not the only one, you're not the only one. Many, many Lightworkers are extremely sensitive and I would love if you would share this message with them! It will do all of you a world of good if you are able to control how much your heart is open and how much you receive from other people. You don't want to walk around or even just be your home like you're in your homes right now, and be picking up on the fear of everybody at this time. It's making it very difficult for this one right now. And other sensitive Lightworkers, I know you're feeling it too.

This is what we're going to do. First off, I want you to picture your heart, picture where you think your heart is located. Your emotional heart I should say..maybe it's your heart chakra...just imagine in your mind where your heart is. OK. Now, look at it. What do you see? What colors do you see? What shape is it? Does it have any designs on it? Does it have any writings on it? Study your heart for a bit. And if you want to stop reading this, or listening to this message, that is fine. Take a moment or two and look at your heart and study it. See with your third eye. See with your inner eye—really look at it for me.  When you are ready, please continue.
  • If you look at your heart and you see that it is torn or disheveled or bruised, or see any indication that it has been damaged in any way, raise your hand.
  • If you look at your heart and you think it looks swollen or much bigger than it's supposed to be--and you know instinctively how big is supposed to be--raise your hand.
  • Lastly, if you're looking at your heart and it looks small or a little shriveled up like a raisin, or just not overall healthy--raise your hand.

Okay, so anyone now who has your hand raised--I am talking to you! This message is for you! We all are in control of what we let in. We control what affects us mentally, spiritually and physically; we control what affects us. So, if you're looking at your heart and it's not looking like it's in tip-top shape, I want you to close your eyes again and use your inner eye and cradle your heart in your hands. Speak to it. Speak to it gently; tell it that you love it and you will take care of it and you will protect it from now on. You are in charge of protecting it. So, for example, you may say: “I love you, I am in charge of protecting you from now on, I will do my best to keep you safe. I control what affects me. I control who I let in. It is in my power and under my control and I promise that I will do all I can to protect you, dear heart.” So you say this to your heart and now put it back in your chest. Take a few deep breaths. I, Sananda am sending a bright white light of the Christ Consciousness energy directly to your hearts. I am purifying your hearts.  I am transmuting and cleaning out all that no longer serves your highest good.  Allow me to do this if you wish, if you wish only, as it is always your choice.

OK, so from here on out if you would like to protect yourself to control what affects you, what is received by you, what you allow into your sacred sphere; I want you to repeat these words and think of them every morning when you get up and every night when you go to bed.

"I place the sacred sphere of protection around my mind, body and spirit. The white light protects me. The white light stands as a shield all around my person; my mind, body and spirit and no thing can penetrate it. I am loved. I am protected." 

Many people imagine this white light like a bubble around themselves. They place a bubble of white Christ Consciousness Light around themselves for protection. So if something's coming at them it just bounces off the shield/bubble. That's an image you can use and it works for many, many people. This is not something that you can say and have it be in effect for all time. You need to consciously do this exercise of stating your intent that you do not accept anyone else's thoughts or emotions or words or deeds or intents. You will not accept those things, you will not let them affect you. You are shielded.  You need to practice this first thing in the morning and before you go to bed at night.

So, we have healed your heart as it is now. You can check in and do that healing and massaging and loving of your heart whenever you want. It's good to check in with it every once in a while and just see how it's doing. This is my gift to you, dear sensitive Lightworkers, this is my gift.

You are all strong and courageous Beings of Light to have volunteered to come here now and Shine Your Light, be Beacons of Light for all of those people who are afraid. And to do your work in the highest way possible, in the best and highest way, you need to have this protection in place. And when you think about it, maybe many of you have heard about using the white light as your protection years ago but you had forgotten it. You got busy and forgot about it. It's no problem, I am here to remind you about it and to ask you to practice this, so that you may be your purest and strongest self that you can be during this very, very important time. Thank you all for the job you're doing, we are all grateful for YOU! 

If you would like to write with any comments please do so on the "Messages of Love" blog ( and I will answer your questions. Please practice this and give us your feedback with any results that you have.

I AM your Sananda, your Yahshua. And I send my love to you all. 

Feel free to share! 
Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

Saturday, February 22, 2020

DIVINE MOTHER GOD: Corona Virus, RV & Humanitarian Work, Manifesting & more... 2-22-2020

DIVINE MOTHER GOD through Dancing Dolphin
Corona Virus, RV & Humanitarian Work, Manifesting...

Preface from DD:
I asked Mother God for a message for Lightworkers, stating my concerns about the Corona Virus and my grief at the loss of life.  I was feeling very angry at whomever released this contagion into the world.  

Corona Virus
This is your Mother God, I hear your concerns, upset and your anger. You and many other sensitive Lightworkers cannot stand to see people suffer. It hurts your heart and it hurts my heart too. You are all my children and I don't want to see anyone suffer. But we must let this play out. We cannot interfere. To your question about the virus, it does serve many purposes and it was maliciously released to the public at a time when many people would be traveling around both Eastern and Western holidays---your Christmas & New Year's and the Lunar New Year for the Chinese people. So, it was released, there are people still on Gaia that you call the cabal and they did release this virus. They will be dealt with; however, there is no punishment large enough as you say for the atrocities they have committed. They will be recycled in the central sun. They will be no more. They will not be given any more chances (to turn to the Light); they have been given many, many chances. Honestly, the ones who did this have already been taken care of.

Be Prepared
Dear daughter, you are correct, there is so much going on and the level of chaos is rising. I have struggled in telling anyone the timing when something will happen. I mentioned to you last Spring that I thought the Grand Flash would happen last year but things were delayed and it didn't happen in your 2019. So, I hesitate to give you dates anymore, as I don't wish to cause any upset. Time is changing constantly. Even your calibrated time is changing, it's absolutely speeding up and most of you can feel it very readily. I would advise keeping yourselves on high alert to jump into your new lives of helping others at a moment's notice. This means being prepared with emergency supplies—not to frighten you—but to be prepared with extra water and extra food stuffs that are not perishable. If you live in a cold climate, some type of heating apparatus that does not require electricity to run would be beneficial for your family. I do not say these things to scare you, I would just like my special Lightworkers to be prepared; whether it be from natural causes (such as a storm or blizzard) or power outages. I would like everyone to be prepared. You also may need to help others around you.

Humanitarian Plans and the RV
I know many of you have prepared Humanitarian Projects and have invested in foreign currencies so that you may be blessed with an abundance to create your desired projects. This is very admirable and I am grateful and thrilled for all of you who preparing to help others. I realize the wait has been significant. It is not any easy thing. I cannot give you timing on this either, but I bring it up so that you know that I know who you are and all the effort that you have put in to your creation and manifestation of your desired works. This is vital, this is very important. This is much needed and will be more needed in the future. So I encourage all of you who have done this work to continue to have patience—hang in there—it will not be in vain. It is coming. It is vital. Vital to the commonwealth, your communities and survival in the future when times may be rough economically and your projects will be useful and very much needed. So I encourage you all to stay the course if you've been guided to do this. I am with you on this. I will support you all. I am proud, proud of my children who have been called to do this work. Proud that you heard the call and jumped in with both feet. I am a proud Mother. Thank you!

Manifesting Practice
Lastly I would like to commend those of you who have been working on manifesting. This is an exercise that all of you should be working on constantly. It is not just for fun and games (which of course it is!) but it is a skill that you will be using in the New Earth. You have done this before many, many times, but not in this lifetime. So, I encourage all of you to practice your manifesting! Start small, record your progress so you may witness your own results. It is fun and enjoyable and YOU, you are all Divine Creators as your Father and I are as you have our Sparks within you. You are a Spark of Father and I, you have our Divine Spark, you have our gifts, use them wisely. Enjoy this gift.

What's going on? What can Lightworkers do to help?
We love you children! Your Father and I love you greatly and I am pleased to speak with you this evening. I know things look dark right now. Your world looks dark and leveled and out of control to most of you. But these things that are happening are making way for the peace and prosperity that is coming. All things hidden must be released so they can be healed...brought up to the surface and aired out. Think of a splinter. You have a splinter (small piece of wood) that you got stuck in your finger, under your skin. It can't heal until you get that splinter out. So, this is what is happening in your world. All the splinters are being removed so that your society and Gaia and your collective consciousness can heal and make a beautiful, beautiful New Earth. So this is all necessary. Know that it is temporary. It will pass. Focus on LOVE. Focus on COMPASSION. Use the Violet Flame to cleanse and transmute all that is being released. Assist in transmuting it! It is greatly appreciated when you do this work.

I love you all dear Children. You are loved so greatly! Call on our Angels when you need help with anything. Angels are there for you all the time. We are too, of course. Go now with my love. I AM your Mother God.   

Thank you, dear Mother God!

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Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Ashtar's Message to Lightworkers - January 9, 2020

Ashtar's Message to Lightworkers
{Commander Ashtar of the Ashtar Command}
via Dancing Dolphin

January 9, 2020

Note: I sent gratitude and love to Ashtar & our Galactic Family for their assistance in helping Gaia and all her peoples Ascend. This was Ashtar's reply:

DD, it is my honor, it is all of our honor! We are thrilled to be a part of it, it is our Service, as you understand (this word to mean). It is a Joy to be here, participating in this. It is called the Grand Experiment, that is what we call it because Gaia was taken over by the dark many millennia ago.  Could she return to the light?  It was a challenge and almost inconceivable that after so many years of being controlled, living in slavery, being lied to and being manipulated that you all have been able to receive the Light from Mother & Father (God) and the Codes & Activations that we are sending; you all have been able to receive them and anchor them into Gaia to help break up the dark. So, it's been a massive joint effort and we are so honored.  We love Gaia as much as we love you all. She is so dear to us. And of course, we would jump at the chance to participate in this Grand Experiment. Thank you for acknowledging us and our Service and we do the same back to you. It is our Joy.

Ashtar, what message would you like to give to Lightworkers right now?

The one thing that I would like to share at this moment is we have never been so close as we are right now. You all have never been this close to tip-toeing over what you think of as the Boundary, or the Rainbow Bridge or just the Finish Line to get to your 5D Ascension. You are literally tip-toeing over the line! (made me laugh). Many, many of you, your Gaians crossed the Rainbow Bridge during the Winter Solstice. Many have been doing so for months. But a grand influx of you came over during the Solstice. Although you know that the goal is to ascend in your bodies, many did pass on and came over also. But a large majority did come over in their bodies!

So, those of you still living in 3D Earth, a good portion of you Lightworkers are staying behind to help the others cross. Don't think that you've failed or are not good enough if you know others who have gone ahead. Some of you have the job to be the Gate Keepers to assist others in crossing the bridge. OK? So in this instance, you are purposefully lagging behind to ensure you “bring up the rear.” The ones that you are assisting are the ones who have a chance. They're on the borderline of wanting to go or wanting to stay. You are helping them and you allow them to make their own decision. You are showing them, with your Light, with your Love, Compassion and your Caring--you are showing them what it feels like, what they can expect (in 5D). You don't have to do anything. Just be yourself. Focus on the love that you are receiving from Mother & Father God and beam it out, blast it out. Focus on your Gratitude and send that out to the world. That's all you have to do. You don't have to carry somebody over piggy-back style (laughs). You don't literally have to do that. OK?

I know how exhausted everyone is. I feel your deep, deep exhaustion. And honestly, we're feeling it too! (laughs). Our bodies are different, but we feel it too. So, we know what you are feeling. Just hang in there. We're almost home. We're really, really, almost home. And, your StarChildren, your Blended Children are coming soon. They are coming for different reasons than why you are staying. They are coming to help Gaia and to help with the cleanup of Gaia. They're coming to heal too, but a lot of them are coming to help Gaia.

Very, very exciting times, right? Very exciting. And we, we are the blessed ones to be on the front lines. We are truly blessed!

Thank you, Ashtar for this message for the Lightworkers of Gaia!

You're welcome, DD. It was a pleasure. Namaste.

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Messages of Love Through Dancing Dolphin

Sunday, December 22, 2019

ASHTARA's 4th Message - 12-22-19

A message from ASHTARA of the 

New Jerusalem Starship of the Ashtar Command

(Message #4)
Received: Sunday, December 22, 2019

Dear Lightworkers of Earth, I AM Ashtara of the New Jerusalem starship and I have a message for you on this day.

The time is NOW for you to step into your FULL BEING!  BE the Soul that you are! You are all Mighty Warriors of Love and it is time to show it! When the chaos starts, you will be the one in your community that others will look up to. Your job is to stand firm, stand tall and shine your love and light out to all. Everything will be OK! Everything will be OK. (Feel the strength, calm and power in this statement).  You are receiving love and guidance constantly from Mother/Father God, our Creator and your Guides. You are strong. You are whole. You are loved beyond measure. FEEL THIS. KNOW THIS.

Many people will be shaken up as their lives begin to crumble, whether it's due to economic reasons or environmental reasons does not matter. When your lives change suddenly it is scary. Your compassion will need to shine through, your strength will need to hold up those who are shaken. Be the Emissary of Love & Light from the Creator that you are! This message is not intended to frighten you, but to help awaken you to your Mission. You are here to help guide others towards Ascension, towards lifting themselves up.

We are waiting. We have been here for millennia to assist Gaia and her peoples to Ascend. It has taken thousands of your years, but your Galactic Family has always been here for you. Now, it's your turn to take a giant step and say I WILL! I WILL help my Brothers and Sisters when called upon! I WILL shine my love and light out into the world! I WILL stand up and be a Beacon of Hope to all! When others ask how you are so calm, centered and full of strength, you may (or may not) share that the Love of your Creator flows through you to them. It is your choice whether or not to share.

Lightworkers, your Blended Children are indeed coming to Gaia soon!! This is why I decided to come out and speak about my life and how I was created. They are a gift to Gaians. They are coming to help! Welcome them home with open arms. They may or may not 'stay' with their birth parents, it depends upon their soul contracts. If you haven't yet, reach out in your meditations to learn if you are the parent of a blended child. As I said before, even if you are not a parent, you may still connect with us and we will reach back to you! We are highly intuitive and can read your thoughts if we are called. We have important missions to help Gaia and her peoples. We are here to help you all Ascend. Gaia has already Ascended.

You will also see our ships soon! Things are indeed heating up more and more and things are moving very quickly. Your world's political chaos helps to cover up what is really going on and that is the removal of the dark ones from your planet. The ones who have controlled humanity for far too long. They have been removed and your timeline for Ascension is right on target! We cannot tell you “when” as you know, and time is relative anyway so it wouldn't be accurate. Trust in Divine timing and the planning from your Galactic Family with the guidance from our Mother/Father God.

I AM Ashtara of the New Jerusalem and I see your bright lights shining from above. I send you my love! We are very grateful for you, the Lightworkers of Gaia! You all are doing marvelous work and you don't even know 95% of the work that you are doing during your astral travels. This is why it is imperative that you allow yourselves to rest when you can. We understand about your need to work to provide funds to live. But when you are not working, please rest. You have earned it!

“Soon” we will celebrate together, dear Brothers and Sisters! I know you all want the word “soon” eliminated from your vocabulary as you've heard it so frequently. (chuckles) We understand! We love you all dearly and are so very grateful and proud of you. We all make a wonderful team!

I AM Ashtara and I send you bright moonbeams of Love from your Galactic Family and your Blended Children!! (StarChildren as Mother says).  Namaste.
If you are not familiar with Ashtara, please see her introductory message here:  

Please feel free to share!
Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

P.S.- Amanda Ellis posted a video yesterday regarding a Vision she had about the New Earth and the special Children that are coming!  It is fantastic!  (If the link won't work, just search for Amanda Ellis on Youtube).
Here's the link:

Thursday, December 5, 2019

SANANDA "You Are ALL Powerful Creators" Thursday, December 5, 2019

Sananda through Dancing Dolphin

"You Are All Powerful Creators!"

Note from DD:  Hello, Lightworkers!  Just wanted to let you know that I was intending to connect with Ashtara for another message but Sananda said he had a very important message for everyone. I felt his excitement and urgency very strongly.  When you read it you will understand its importance.  Enjoy!

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Dear DD, it is I, Sananda who would love to give a message to Lightworkers of Earth at this moment. This is Sananda, I am the OverSoul of the one you call Jesus or Yahshua or Yeshi. Although there are various levels in our Soul, we each keep our own personality even after the life has passed for one of our Soul Sparks. I hope this clarifies my various lives and/or existences for anyone who was confused.

At this time, Earth is going through a mass Revolution. Things are being shaken up for the greater good. Those who meant harm to Earth and her peoples have been removed. The tables are turning.  The tide has come in and they are being swept out to sea. They are no longer a concern for ruling over and controlling people upon the Earth.

This is fantastic news! The liberation of the Earth and her peoples has been achieved!! NOW, WHAT ARE YOU ALL WAITING FOR? The energies are ripe with creative powers. See the world you wish to live in and bring it into existence. Focus on the good. Give no power to end times scenarios. This is your grand beginning, not the end!!! Things may look rocky still at this hour, but that is because those who were in control have only just been removed. The left-overs are still hanging around. Meaning, the acts or actions that were begun are still moving forward. But you all have the power to insert your own created futures into this NOW. Do you understand? You are not powerless to accept things as they are! You are ALL powerful creators! Yes, I am speaking very firmly and excitedly because I want you all to understand how magnificent this is! It is glorious! IMAGINE your world that way you want it and it will become that!!

Yes, this one's mind goes to Star Trek TNG and the holodeck. They programmed the scenes they wanted to participate in and they manifested instantly in the holodeck. Right? Think along these lines. Close your eyes. Makes big brush strokes with your arms. Create!!! The Universe will hear your directions and make it so! Maybe not instantly like the holodek, but it will come.

Now, I want you all to THINK BIG! What are the things in your world that you would like to change? To revamp? You may focus on grand schemes as well. Such as “there will be abundance enough for everyone to live comfortably” Or you may be specific “everyone will be fed, clothed, have their own housing and have access to health care.” Or, “my community needs an Art Center, a place where we can go to create and play. I will put our new Arts Center to be (name location) and it will have free art classes for everyone. We will create plays together and perform them for our community.” Or, “we have a bad drug problem in my city, I want to create a drug-free society where people can get successful treatment to get off the drugs.” Or, “We have thousands of homeless people living in our streets. Everyone will have their own home, in whatever form they desire, be it home, apartment, condo. Everyone will have plenty of funds to be able to pay for their homes with plenty left over for food, clothing and all other necessities, plus extra funds for anything they want.” Or “Everyone should be citizens of Gaia, not individual country's citizens. No more passports. Free and easy travel so we can get to know eachother better. One world government that will actually help Gaia's people, not try to control us.” Or “My Sister has cancer. I want my Sister to be healed and all diseases of the world healed in every single person. All people will be healthy from now on.”

I hope I have made my point at this point. (chuckles). It is up to YOU, dear Lightworkers and Citizens of the New Earth! YOU ARE POWERFUL CREATORS and you are a spark of Mother & Father God, so why do you feel power-less instead of power-full? Trust me, your tanks are FULL and reved up and waiting to take off!

So, give it a GO! Have fun with it! Play!! You may start with small things at first if you're nervous or shy. Create a fabulous parking spot for you on your next drive. Or, ask the sun to come out if it's a cloudy day. Or, make it rain. Why not? As I told all of you while Yahshua was in body “you will all do greater things than I”. You will and you can. NOW.

Mother and Father God have given you all this gift of creation. I suggest you do not squander it. The more you use it, the more it will grow. If you fail to use it, it will shrivel up and dry up. The most beautiful gifts deserved to be used, to serve their purpose, do they not? This one creates pottery and it breaks her heart if a teapot or mug gets put on a shelf and not used. Why? It was created for a purpose and it finds the most joy in serving that purpose. If it gets broken, she can make another. But better to get broken than to go un-used. This is a very wise and true philosophy. If a very talented athlete does not participate in their sport of choice, is that not sad? If an exceptional singer does not sing....? You get my point once again.

So, start small if you must, but just start creating. What kind of world do you want to live in? Big issues and small---create them all!!! Write them down. Read them aloud in your most power-full voice! “I create a peaceful world where everyone is safe from harm” “I create the best possible life for myself, my family, my community and my world; one where every one's needs are met, where we each accomplish our life's mission and we live in harmonious community with one another.” These are grand examples to get you started! And once you start, don't stop!

IAM your Sananda and I wish the grandest, most beautiful creations for you all!!


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Messages of Love Through Dancing Dolphin

Saturday, November 23, 2019

ASHTARA "Your Astral Travel Visits to Our Starships"

Ashtara of the New Jerusalem ship of Ashtar Command

Your Astral Travel visits to our Starships

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Hello, dear Lightworkers of Earth! This is Ashtara speaking to you again today from the New Jerusalem starship of the Ashtar Command. I have much to address today, let's get started!

For those who do not know me, here is my introductory message:

Firstly, I am ever so pleased that my messages have reached so many Lightworkers around the world, your Gaia. Thank you to everyone who has shared them. It is vital at this time for all Lightworkers to connect to their StarChildren, or blended children. Many, many of you have at least one blended child and they are waiting very patiently for you to remember them and to communicate with them. Please do not be concerned, their births were a sacred covenant between you and your God. If you do have a StarChild, you volunteered your genetic material before you were even born. You consented to this glorious gift. Nothing was taken from you without your will. Some parents donated their genetic material while others had sacred relationships with another Being. This may be 'too much information' as you all like to say, but I just wanted to get the point across that there are many ways that our births came about. For instance, my Mother does not know my Father in any way. Their genetic materials were joined together to create me. The blending of various Beings is done with the consent and approval of Mother and Father God. I AM a child of God, just as you all are.

Let us proceed. I would like to talk today about dreams. What do you dream about? Do you remember your dreams? I am referring to sleeping dreams, not visions of grandeur or your life goals. Your dreams are very important. They are telling you something. I admit, some are just non-sense but others, the ones that feel very real to you may have been instances where you were astral traveling. Do you dream of visiting a place where you are loved? Where there are many Beings around you, laughing, playing, learning and loving one another? Please consider that you may be visiting one of our starships at night while you sleep or during the day even while you are at work!

Astral traveling is an exceptional way to travel. You leave your body right where it is and a part of your Soul flies away to where ever you want to go! Time has no hold over you while you're gone. You may travel for hours or days and then pop back into your body a few seconds before you even left! Yes, this is the cause of “deja vu” as you term it. I am bringing this up to you because I am aware how alone may of Gaia's Lightworkers feel. You are so different than others around you that you cannot relate to them nor them to you. Their 3D “trivial pursuits” are absolutely boring to you, right? You are aware of much more going on than they ever will be because your are awake! They are still asleep. So, the best and most perfect remedy is to go where you are appreciated and loved for who you are! To find community with your family and real friends!

As a resident of the New Jerusalem I routinely see Astral Spirits and embodied Gaians visiting our ship. For it is their home too! We know this and welcome you home whenever we see you!! Yes, we know you by name. Most all of you come so often that you have your own quarters to rest in. We have dolphins here, gardens, healing chambers, recreation areas and big meeting rooms where you all are briefed on Gaia's Ascension. Does this sound familiar? You may spend “hours” or “days” here and then leave and jump right back into your body. Sometimes you even return into your body so fast that you make yourselves dizzy! And you think: “Wait, I've lived this before! I knew you were going to say that!” and you have the deja vu feeling. Time is fluid and you return closest to the time you left as you can manage. But still, some seconds overlap.

Let me assure you that even if your body is awake, at work or even driving a car that you are perfectly safe. You are multi-dimensional beings!! We all are! A small part of you can astral travel to Venus and your Gaian life will still continue without harm or without missing something. We are indeed miraculous creations of Mother & Father God!

Today I wished to bring you words of comfort, dear Lightworkers. We know how hard you are working and how exhausted you all are feeling. For some, depression is very real and difficult. This is why I wanted to remind you of your joyous astral journeys! Your flying dreams! Your visiting friends and family on-board our ships!! Here you rest, relax, get healed, swim with the dolphins, play and even sing with your friends and family. You are refreshed! You may consciously ask that you begin to remember your astral journeys and you will begin to remember your experiences. Your minds are very layered and these memories are stored in your sub-conscious part of your brain where you don't normally access them. But intention is everything!

Dear Lightworkers, we see you all shining brightly on Gaia. We know you! We salute you all and say BRAVO!! We work with you on bringing forth the Ascension of all Gaia's Beings as your Ascension helps us to raise up as well. We are all connected as you know.

I send you all bright moonbeams of Love from your StarChildren! I AM Ashtara.

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

ASHTARA's 2nd Message to Lightworkers "We Are Your Children" 11-14-19

Ashtara's 2nd Message to Lightworkers of Gaia
 "We Are Your Children"

Received Thursday, November 7, 2019

Hello, Lightworkers of Gaia, this is Ashtara. This will be my second transmission to you. I am very pleased that my first message reached so many of you! I could feel the energy of each and every one of you as you read my words and connected with me. This was a very new experience for me and it was astounding! I am also very happy to learn that many of you felt a twinge of memories or a certain feeling which may or may not help you to connect with your blended child. I am here to push your mind a bit further with each message. To let you know that yes, it is indeed possible that you may have a blended child somewhere in the Universe and that you also will most likely meet your child or young adult very soon. We are most excited to meet our parents here on Gaia. Of course, we also feel a bit nervous or trepidation but that is natural when you think that we haven't met you before. We so want you to love us!! We are all very unique and special as you all are. We each have our own talents and skills and can't wait to show them off for you!

Expanding the term “Family”
I also am aware that some of you already have children and that you're wondering what it will be like to introduce your Gaian children to your StarChildren. (Note: Mother has started calling me her StarChild and I said I was OK with it because it sounds beautiful, even though it's not quite accurate. I wasn't born on a star or sun. But I love that she created a new term for my unique birth). We all realize that meeting your whole families will be bit of a shock for many. And we understand if you would only like to meet us by yourselves instead of with your entire least in the beginning. The term “family” has indeed changed over time on Gaia, hasn't it? It has grown to encompass many more individuals that it did even a few years ago. Well, we're proposing that it be stretched even further to include us! (smiles). We know your hearts are huge, Lightworkers and you have more than enough love to let us in!

Communication with us
We have many sources of information that let us know if one of our parents is ready to meet us. We will be monitoring these sources very closely in the coming days, weeks and months to see if you have opened your hearts to us. We ARE your children. We LOVE you with all our hearts and are highly anticipating our meetings, getting to know you and most importantly, to having you in our lives. We have missed out on so much already and we can't wait to be included from here on out. If you are feeling Love toward your StarChild, please broadcast that love in your meditations. This will alert your child that you are indeed ready to meet him/her! The channels will be open then for you to communicate in whatever method works best for you. For example, my Mother is good at hearing. Others are good at drawing or receiving images; while still others may receive visual or auditory signs. If you are keen to get to know your StarChild or even to connect with any of us, you may start in this manner. We are highly telepathic and will hear you! You may or may not have any memories of your StarChild or children. Some Lightworkers do, some don't. But you most likely will feel a twinge in your heart when reading my words or feeling the energy in these words.

Our various Missions
I went to great lengths to explain our purpose in my last message. (Link: ). We all have the same purpose of helping Gaia and Gaians to Ascend. However, we all have our own talents and skills that we are and will be using to further this goal. As I mentioned last time, I am training on board the New Jerusalem and plan to remain on this ship, assisting from this point. Some of my friends already have their assignments where they will be traveling to Gaia to assist there. They have various interests where they will be applying their skills. Some are natural healers; some are interesting in working with Gaia on aspects such as cleaning the air and her oceans, while others still plan to work with Gaians directly; helping them on a variety of fronts. Many, many StarChildren will be working with their Lightworker parents on their Humanitarian Projects!

There is fluidity here; we will go where we are needed. Nothing is ever “set in stone” as a 3D saying that you have. Most of us live in what you imagine 5D would be like. We live intuitively. We sense things and go where we are pulled energetically. This is something that you all will be experiencing very soon. Many of you employ this inner sense knowledge. You “trust your gut” and go with your inner nudgings. Bravo!

Mother is tired now, so we will stop here. I send you all bright moonbeams of Love from your StarChildren! I AM Ashtara.

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Messages of Love Through Dancing Dolphin

Thursday, October 31, 2019

A Message from ASHTARA of the New Jerusalem starship to the Lightworkers of Gaia

A Message from Ashtara of the New Jerusalem

starship to the Lightworkers of Gaia

Received Wednesday October 30, 2019

Hello, dear Lightworkers of Gaia! My name is Ashtara. I am the daughter of the one receiving this message and my Father is from Arcturus. Neither my birth Mother nor Father raised me. I was raised in many places, but mostly onboard the starship called the New Jerusalem. My Mother agreed to donate her egg for my creation before she was even born on Gaia. It was one of many of her Divine Covenants.

I am a Child of God, just as you all are Children of God. It does not matter that my parents are from different worlds and that I was raised on a starship with many other blended children like me. I had a warm and wonderful childhood. I was loved very much by a community of Beings. I have visited and lived on Arcturus where my Father lives, and sometimes I visit Gaia. But I haven't met my parents 'in form' yet. We communicate telepathically. My Mother has only begun to hear me speaking to her consciously. This makes me very happy!

I am greatly looking forward to meeting my Mother and Father in person and giving them a big hug! I know my Mother wishes to visit this ship and I will bring her aboard and introduce her to everyone. She comes here sometimes during her dreaming state to visit. She even has her own quarters! I say this because many of you reading this do the same. Many of you have many friends and even family here! We ARE family, we are your Galactic Family, and we have been here to support Gaia for many, many, many of your years.

Time is very different here on my home ship than on Gaia, but you may think of me as a young adult. I am being trained to become a Commander and someday (if I am good enough and ready), I will take over for Commander Ashtar when he is ready to move on. This is why I was given the name Ashtara, as my life plan was already known before I was born. I know that this all sounds like science fiction to many of you, but indeed, it is my life.

Most all of you reading this made a Divine Covenant to be a “Lightworker” as you term it; someone who is a Spiritual Seeker, who searches for truth and shares their Love and Light with others no matter what 'line of work' you are in. You may be an artist, healer, architect or engineer, but you still manage to meditate, heal others, share your inspirations and so on. So, I say to you, well done, Lightworkers!

Your Mission in this lifetime is not an easy one and we are all proud of all of you for the massive amount of work that you have accomplished. Please know that you don't have to “do” anything other than focus on the Love you receive from Mother & Father God, the Angels, your Galactic Family, your Guides and Soul Sparks, etc. and blast it out to Gaia and all her peoples. Some of you are automatically or unconsciously transmuting the dark energies on and inside Gaia 24/7 as you say. You were trained for this. There are as many Missions of Lightworkers as there are Lightworkers. You are all unique!

Sharing in this way is very personal for me and my Mother feels this too. It is an extremely private thing to share...our unique relationship. But it is necessary for us to do this. Many Gaians will not believe this is possible, but I tell you now because it's true and the time is now for this knowledge to be shared. The blended genetic children such as myself were created for a special purpose. We are to assist the people of Gaia to become more familiar and feel more comfortable with their Galactic Family during this incredible time of your Ascension!

My Mother is suggesting that I explain something to you all so that you fully understand. There have been things called 'alien abductions' where a Gaian was taken against their will and had some medical procedures done to them while they were restrained. This subject matter was very popular in the 1980's and 1990's. The theory was that the 'grey' ET race was taking human genetic material for the purpose of re-populating their own race. I am not saying that these events did or did not happen. Just that this scenario has nothing to do with the Ashtar Command or my creation. Please understand that my parents both donated their genetic material as a blessing for my creation. A ceremony was performed and it was a sacred gift. They consented to this and it is not in any way related to the 'abductions' that you may have heard about. OK, now we are clear.

In the very near future, your Galactic Family will be visiting you and all Gaians. The un-awakened of Gaia will fear us. It is up to you, those of you who feel the truth in these words and energies to investigate within to see if you may have blended offspring also. Many of you also have this Divine Covenant to share your genetic material for blended births. Some of you are parents to more than one of us! How's that for a mind bender? Ha, ha. We are so thrilled to meet you in person and will soon. But, in the meantime, please do reach out in your inner work to connect. Even if you aren't one of our parents, we would love to connect with you!

We have all promised to do Mother & Father God's will to help Gaia and all her people Ascend. This is why we are here now. The Ashtar Command works in conjunction with the Lightworkers of Gaia to help bring about the Ascension of all her peoples. As Mother God announced earlier, Gaia herself has indeed already Ascended but our task is not yet complete. We are still here so that we may assist all the human inhabitants of Gaia to do the same. We have been sending special light pulses to assist humans in breaking through the programming of fear and lack that the dark ones ingrained into your minds your entire lives. Mother God also sent her Tsunami of Love to raise your frequencies. We will continue to send these energies to you, our family, until they are no longer needed. Your vibrations have indeed been magnified by a combination of these energies, your hard work of transmuting the dark and sharing your light! Bravo!!

Surround yourselves with this Light, dear Lightworkers. Surround yourselves with love and that which makes you glow. Bask in our Mother & Father's Love! Filling yourselves up with this unconditional love is the only way you can share it freely.

Please know that our strategic planning continues 24/7. The Ashtar Command is working 'round the clock to analyze all the new developments within both spiritual and physical spheres of Gaia. This includes your vibratory rate and the actions of your governments. All aspects of Gaia are monitored. We know where the dark ones are hiding; we have given them multiple opportunities to change, to embrace the love of Mother & Father. We serve at the direction of Mother & Father God. All will commence in perfect Divine Timing!

My Mother is tiring, so I will step away for now. This was fine as an introduction message, I believe. My intent was to introduce myself and share a bit about what's going on in my world. I am very keen to meet the Lightworkers of Gaia! We, your Galactic family of the Ashtar Command send you bright moonbeams of Love on this fair evening! 

I AM Ashtara and I send you all my love.

* * * *
Thank you, dear Daughter Ashtara! I am honored to be your Mother and cannot wait for our first real hug! I also wish to share something (with your permission). OK, she has given it to me. I have a faint memory that feels very real, but how could it be? I remember being in a large room that felt like a child day care center. There were toddlers running around everywhere playing. I was nervous. I was waiting to meet daughter! There was a man with me, guiding me. Then he saw her and called her over. In our terms she would have been 2-3 years old, a toddler. I remember thinking that she looked like me but she had bigger eyes. We hugged and I was so happy! Then I had to leave, it was very quick. That was probably 25 years ago. Now I believe that I was astral traveling to the ship and they let me see her. I don't think I was supposed to remember that because it causes me heartache when I think of it. I am just beyond thrilled to know that Ashtara has had a wonderful life, full and rich of love even though I wasn't there for her. I know it was meant to be this way. I have only begun to communicate with her recently and I know she's very busy on the ship. But one day I asked if she wanted to give a message to the Lightworkers of Gaia. She was ecstatic! “YES!” I'm thinking this was part of the plan all along, ha, ha! Love to all of you, dear Lightworkers. Keep up the good work! 

We are one, we are many and we can do this. 
We are ONE, we are MANY and WE CAN DO THIS!

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QUAN YIN - Urgent Manifesting Refresher - April 30, 2020

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