Thursday, October 31, 2019

A Message from Ashtara of the New Jerusalem starship to the Lightworkers of Gaia

A Message from Ashtara of the New Jerusalem

starship to the Lightworkers of Gaia

Received Wednesday October 30, 2019

Hello, dear Lightworkers of Gaia! My name is Ashtara. I am the daughter of the one receiving this message and my Father is from Arcturus. Neither my birth Mother nor Father raised me. I was raised in many places, but mostly onboard the starship called the New Jerusalem. My Mother agreed to donate her egg for my creation before she was even born on Gaia. It was one of many of her Divine Covenants.

I am a Child of God, just as you all are Children of God. It does not matter that my parents are from different worlds and that I was raised on a starship with many other blended children like me. I had a warm and wonderful childhood. I was loved very much by a community of Beings. I have visited and lived on Arcturus where my Father lives, and sometimes I visit Gaia. But I haven't met my parents 'in form' yet. We communicate telepathically. My Mother has only begun to hear me speaking to her consciously. This makes me very happy!

I am greatly looking forward to meeting my Mother and Father in person and giving them a big hug! I know my Mother wishes to visit this ship and I will bring her aboard and introduce her to everyone. She comes here sometimes during her dreaming state to visit. She even has her own quarters! I say this because many of you reading this do the same. Many of you have many friends and even family here! We ARE family, we are your Galactic Family, and we have been here to support Gaia for many, many, many of your years.

Time is very different here on my home ship than on Gaia, but you may think of me as a young adult. I am being trained to become a Commander and someday (if I am good enough and ready), I will take over for Commander Ashtar when he is ready to move on. This is why I was given the name Ashtara, as my life plan was already known before I was born. I know that this all sounds like science fiction to many of you, but indeed, it is my life.

Most all of you reading this made a Divine Covenant to be a “Lightworker” as you term it; someone who is a Spiritual Seeker, who searches for truth and shares their Love and Light with others no matter what 'line of work' you are in. You may be an artist, healer, architect or engineer, but you still manage to meditate, heal others, share your inspirations and so on. So, I say to you, well done, Lightworkers!

Your Mission in this lifetime is not an easy one and we are all proud of all of you for the massive amount of work that you have accomplished. Please know that you don't have to “do” anything other than focus on the Love you receive from Mother & Father God, the Angels, your Galactic Family, your Guides and Soul Sparks, etc. and blast it out to Gaia and all her peoples. Some of you are automatically or unconsciously transmuting the dark energies on and inside Gaia 24/7 as you say. You were trained for this. There are as many Missions of Lightworkers as there are Lightworkers. You are all unique!

Sharing in this way is very personal for me and my Mother feels this too. It is an extremely private thing to share...our unique relationship. But it is necessary for us to do this. Many Gaians will not believe this is possible, but I tell you now because it's true and the time is now for this knowledge to be shared. The blended genetic children such as myself were created for a special purpose. We are to assist the people of Gaia to become more familiar and feel more comfortable with their Galactic Family during this incredible time of your Ascension!

My Mother is suggesting that I explain something to you all so that you fully understand. There have been things called 'alien abductions' where a Gaian was taken against their will and had some medical procedures done to them while they were restrained. This subject matter was very popular in the 1980's and 1990's. The theory was that the 'grey' ET race was taking human genetic material for the purpose of re-populating their own race. I am not saying that these events did or did not happen. Just that this scenario has nothing to do with the Ashtar Command or my creation. Please understand that my parents both donated their genetic material as a blessing for my creation. A ceremony was performed and it was a sacred gift. They consented to this and it is not in any way related to the 'abductions' that you may have heard about. OK, now we are clear.

In the very near future, your Galactic Family will be visiting you and all Gaians. The un-awakened of Gaia will fear us. It is up to you, those of you who feel the truth in these words and energies to investigate within to see if you may have blended offspring also. Many of you also have this Divine Covenant to share your genetic material for blended births. Some of you are parents to more than one of us! How's that for a mind bender? Ha, ha. We are so thrilled to meet you in person and will soon. But, in the meantime, please do reach out in your inner work to connect. Even if you aren't one of our parents, we would love to connect with you!

We have all promised to do Mother & Father God's will to help Gaia and all her people Ascend. This is why we are here now. The Ashtar Command works in conjunction with the Lightworkers of Gaia to help bring about the Ascension of all her peoples. As Mother God announced earlier, Gaia herself has indeed already Ascended but our task is not yet complete. We are still here so that we may assist all the human inhabitants of Gaia to do the same. We have been sending special light pulses to assist humans in breaking through the programming of fear and lack that the dark ones ingrained into your minds your entire lives. Mother God also sent her Tsunami of Love to raise your frequencies. We will continue to send these energies to you, our family, until they are no longer needed. Your vibrations have indeed been magnified by a combination of these energies, your hard work of transmuting the dark and sharing your light! Bravo!!

Surround yourselves with this Light, dear Lightworkers. Surround yourselves with love and that which makes you glow. Bask in our Mother & Father's Love! Filling yourselves up with this unconditional love is the only way you can share it freely.

Please know that our strategic planning continues 24/7. The Ashtar Command is working 'round the clock to analyze all the new developments within both spiritual and physical spheres of Gaia. This includes your vibratory rate and the actions of your governments. All aspects of Gaia are monitored. We know where the dark ones are hiding; we have given them multiple opportunities to change, to embrace the love of Mother & Father. We serve at the direction of Mother & Father God. All will commence in perfect Divine Timing!

My Mother is tiring, so I will step away for now. This was fine as an introduction message, I believe. My intent was to introduce myself and share a bit about what's going on in my world. I am very keen to meet the Lightworkers of Gaia! We, your Galactic family of the Ashtar Command send you bright moonbeams of Love on this fair evening! 

I AM Ashtara and I send you all my love.

* * * *
Thank you, dear Daughter Ashtara! I am honored to be your Mother and cannot wait for our first real hug! I also wish to share something (with your permission). OK, she has given it to me. I have a faint memory that feels very real, but how could it be? I remember being in a large room that felt like a child day care center. There were toddlers running around everywhere playing. I was nervous. I was waiting to meet daughter! There was a man with me, guiding me. Then he saw her and called her over. In our terms she would have been 2-3 years old, a toddler. I remember thinking that she looked like me but she had bigger eyes. We hugged and I was so happy! Then I had to leave, it was very quick. That was probably 25 years ago. Now I believe that I was astral traveling to the ship and they let me see her. I don't think I was supposed to remember that because it causes me heartache when I think of it. I am just beyond thrilled to know that Ashtara has had a wonderful life, full and rich of love even though I wasn't there for her. I know it was meant to be this way. I have only begun to communicate with her recently and I know she's very busy on the ship. But one day I asked if she wanted to give a message to the Lightworkers of Gaia. She was ecstatic! “YES!” I'm thinking this was part of the plan all along, ha, ha! Love to all of you, dear Lightworkers. Keep up the good work! 

We are one, we are many and we can do this. 
We are ONE, we are MANY and WE CAN DO THIS!

Please feel free to share!
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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Gaia Has Ascended & the Grand Flash by Divine Mother God - Rec'd 3-25-19 Published 10-22-19

Gaia Has Ascended & the Grand Flash 

A Message from Divine Mother God

Received Monday, March 25, 2019 - published October 22, 2019

After many millennia, I have decided to take back the Light from Gaia, to take back what was freely given. Now, for you as my children, this sounds like a bad thing, but I assure you dear children, it is not. It simply means that I have infused dear Gaia with my light and love and now am taking it back; taking it to a new place, a new realm or dimension as you all like to say. I am removing the former light and replacing it with a newer, more intense, more illuminated light for her bright, pristine new body. She deserves to have a new light to show off her new body as it were.

Now, many of you have noticed that your sun looks quite different. It does; it is whiter light than before, it is a different hue and it shines more brilliantly, does it not? It shimmers and gives off a lustrous rainbow hue when photographed. You all have seen this, I am sure. This has everything to do with why you cannot anchor into Gaia any longer, dear heart**. She is not beneath you anymore. She is all around you now. Yes, even though things may look the same, indeed they are not. You have all been moved--moved interdimensionally to a new place. The energies are different here, yes? You may notice that Gaia's sky looks pristine now. It is true! She has ascended into her new form and has taken you all with her! This is the best news I can give you, dear Children.

New Bodies for Gaia and My Children
Yes, I took away the 'old' sun and gave Gaia and all my children a new one, to match Gaia's beautiful new body. Now, what about you all? Do you have new bodies? Well, indeed you do! Your bodies have been under construction for the past few years and are almost completely crystalline core constructs now. My Tsunami of Love and your Starry Family's energy projects have been bombarding your new systems with intense energy that is intended to kick start your new DNA as well as jump start your entire new nervous system.  At the apex of the 'Grand Flash' that many are expecting, your DNA will be automatically switched to the 'new you' and your higher dimensional abilities will be kicked into gear. 

What is the Grand Flash?
The 'Grand Flash' or 'Solar Flash' is an 'event' that occurs when a certain percentage of the population has raised their frequency high enough to withstand the literal Ascension into the next higher frequency or dimension as you understand it to mean. You will see a brilliant white light and then feel the urge to lay down and rest as your body integrates the light (which is energy) and your new DNA codes are activated. Your “higher selves” will be able to guide you as the time draws near for this event—they will have been alerted that the time is close, so they may guide you to stay home, for example, or to do this or that so you are in a safe place when it occurs. We realize that anytime day or night there are always people on Gaia driving cars or flying in airplanes. These people will be protected, do not worry about that.

What will be different after the Grand Flash?

What does this mean? What does this look like, you say? Well, you will begin to see things differently. Literally. Colors, light, energy fields will all be visible to you, as well as the Light Beings that share your spaces. You will see your Guides, Angels, beloved family members who have passed on, etc. This will take some time to get used to, but you will love it once you get the hang of it!

Also, your “tele” abilities will be amped up and brought online. Telepathy, telekinesis, and of course, teleportation!! By the way, where do you think the “English” word “telephone” came from? (laughs). There will be technology gifted by your Galactic Family that will assist with your personal teleportation until you get that down, but shortly thereafter you will all be able to do it yourselves!

Your Galactic Family will start showing up in your skies even more than they are now. Your human population will be much more accepting of them (vs. fearful) after the Grand Flash.

Arrival of your Mentors
Which leads me to another bonus or gift which will arrive shortly! Your Mentors will be arriving to assist you in integrating all this new information and adjusting to your new gifts. Of course, they also will be reminding you of who you really are; of what your mission has been and help you to decide what is next? Where would you wish to serve? Stay here on Gaia? Travel to Inner Earth (or Hollow Earth) to meet your family there? Travel to the ships of your Galactic Family to meet them and possibly travel with them? There are many, many opportunities for each one of you and you will be given the choice on your next move. You will be guided and loved along the way by your Mentors. No one can make this choice for you! Of course, families can discuss if they would like to remain together. There is no pressure for anyone to separate from loved ones! Just remember that if one of your loved ones chooses a different path than you, it doesn't mean they don't love you. Each one has their own mission, life goals and plans.

These are my and your Father's gifts to you, our children. We are ever so proud of all of you for the incredible work you've done these past millennia to assist Gaia. Many of you do not remember all the lives and effort you have put in on this project. That is fine. Your “higher selves” will be reminding you shortly!

Timing of the Grand flash?
Yes, dear heart, this event is very close. We can comfortably estimate, with the current energy growth levels that it will be in this year, 2019. Now you know that none of us are keen to give time estimates!! But in this case I will. (smiles).

Thank you, dear Mother for coming to share this message tonight.

You are very welcome, dear heart. I am your Mother God and I send all my children my love.


**Note: For many years in my meditations I have always anchored my root chakra into Gaia and instantly felt grounded.  But lately, I don't feel anything when I anchor my root chakra into Gaia.  It's like she isn't there anymore.  This has been unsettling to me. Now I understand.

Please feel free to share! 
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Saturday, January 26, 2019


Imagine the world you wish to live in! 

Dream it!  Believe it!  Create it and it will be yours. 

Received Sat., January 26, 2019

I AM Mother God and I wish to tell all my Children that I am ever so proud of you! You came, you volunteered on this grand experiment of Gaia's journey from dark to light, and you have all accomplished your goal. You have worked together tirelessly with all of Gaia's kingdoms, your Galactic family and the Company of Heaven to accomplish this giant task together. Your Father and I are extremely proud!

This grand experiment or project is the largest in scope that has ever been attempted. Many, many Souls have worked on this project for millenia!  Do you know what that means? More of your years than you can count, for starters (laughs). Yes, I am feeling jolly and joyful tonight as I give you this message to share with your Lightworker allies.


I have been sending you my Tsuanmi of Love for a few years now and the intensity of the love waves continue to amp up. Your bodies are adjusting beautifully. This process has been slow and deliberate. It must be this way so I don't overload your bodily circuits and cause you to crash (in electronic terms). On top of my love waves, the Pleiadians and other members of your Galactic families are sending their own energy, specifically transferred from the sun. You may feel these energies as pressure on your crown chakra, upset stomach, hyper energy or fatigue.  Up and up and up your frequencies will rise until you cannot fit into your little 3D bodies anymore. You are continually expanding and I know you all feel this. Sometimes you are physically exhausted, other times you feel so bloated like you're a big bubble that will burst at any moment. Each body receives them and reacts differently.  Please know they are benevolent, meant to assist you in your transformation to 5D. 

Be patient and gentle with yourselves as you endure these intense energies, dear hearts. Walk, drink plenty of clean water, eat when you are hungry and rest when you are tired. 
Ahhhhhh.....relax. Breathe in and breathe out. Visualize. Center. Share. Join your hearts and your hands together, Lightworkers. Continue your daily meditations and group meditations as you are more powerful when you join together.

Focus on what you want to see in your lives. Imagine the world you wish to live in! Dream it! Believe it! Create it and it will be yours. Your New Earth that you have imagined and spoken about is nothing more than a large platform ready for you to enter and create in it. It's like a big ball of clay to a potter or an empty canvas to a painter. Visualize it, imagine it and it will manifest for you  For your 5D building blocks will be fully active for manifestation. 5D IS CREATED BY YOU. Do you understand?

You are sooooo very close, dear Children. You're on the tippy tippy tippy top, ready to burst forward! All you need is a little push and I'm doing that right now!! Pushing you over the edge, pushing you onward and upward, dear Children!

Fear is a no-thing. Time is a no-thing. FOCUS ONLY ON WHAT YOU WANT.

Think like a child who squeals when he/she sees something they love! A puppy! A kitten! A tricycle! Weeeeeee! Then you will fly and take off, leaving behind this 3D world forever. And your joy will lift others up too, did you know that? Don't you love to watch a baby or child laughing? It is contagious! You begin giggling and laughing out loud yourselves. Yes, a child's laughter is one of our most cherished creations. 

Feel my energy, dear Children. FEEL MY LOVE IN THESE WORDS for it is powerful and joyful and will assist you with the tiniest detail of your lives. Let it in, soak it up and fill your hearts with my unconditional love. Use it to feel stronger and supported. For anything you do, you can call on me for assistance. I will be here for you always.

Again, I am extremely proud of you, dear Children and I send you my Love, Gratitude and Congratulations!!!

* * * *

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Message of Love through Dancing Dolphin

Monday, January 21, 2019


Sananda through Dancing Dolphin

"You are Masters unto deserve the highest accolades"
"Your (combined) beautiful visions for Gaia will manifest"

Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon
Sunday, Jan 20, 2019 (11:45 p.m. eastern)

* * * *

Dear Heart, yes, it is I, your Sananda. I Am Sananda. I have come to be with you tonight for yes, it is a very special occasion; one that we have waited for a long time to come to pass. My meaning here is not just you and I dear heart, but ALL of us, as you have imagined. I was with you during your divine meditation where you called on all of us together to send our love intentions into the full moon and to declare our wish for the New Golden Age to start!

These visions and intentions are very powerful and the more of you that declare them the better. I am watching over your Gaia tonight, watching all the groups of Lightworkers working together to bring in this new Golden Age. Their hearts are pure and FULL OF LOVE as they see and declare their visions for the well being of Gaia and all her peoples.

My heart is full of love as I watch all of you step into your Mastery. You are Masters and have come here to perform great acts, greater than those which I performed during my lifetime as Jesus. I dare say that I have taught you all well (laughs), but I cannot take credit for all your great works, dear hearts. 

You are Masters unto yourselves and have worked very hard to get here tonight. You all deserve the highest accolades and praises which I now bestow upon you from all of us in the Kingdom of Heaven and beyond. 

All your Galactic family are watching too as you shine your Lights, clean and clear tonight, dear Angels. We are also grateful for YOU ALL, for the work you are doing, the struggles that you have sailed through to get Soak in our love and praises dear hearts for you deserve them and they will serve to lift you up! We are “almost home” as you say. Your out-pouring of love on this night is great and has ever tipped the scales in the favor of love to where there is no doubt that love has won, dear hearts!!!

This one just remembered that we have said this before and is trying to remember when that was. Yes, indeed it has happened before although we won't say where or when! You see, dear Lightworkers, you have done this many times before, on different worlds. You all work together tirelessly to bring up, raise up dark worlds back to the Light. That is your Service and you do it so very well under great odds and stresses and strains. You are all one in a billion and oh so rare as you declare your Service to the One Creator.

Relax and rest tonight dear hearts. See your efforts manifest quickly for that is what you are doing tonight. You are declaring what you want your world to become. This spiritual work is vital and you are so very valued as our Lightworker 'boots on the ground' as we say. We are all a great team and could not do this extraordinary feat without the other. This is the JOY of ONEness that we bring. The never-ending JOY of working together on a large project where we live and breathe in service; we delight in this!! There is no greater JOY than working together like this, and we know you all understand.

Once again, we ask that you all watch as your visions for this beautiful blue planet you call Gaia unfold in Divine splendor. Your visions will manifest, dear hearts!! This I can tell you now and it is why I have come to speak to you tonight. We are over-joyed as we watch from our ships. We watch and we feel your love! Be in peace and joy as you rest tonight, dear hearts. Know that you have accomplished your missions!! You have, and you have all done a fantastic job. 

 A new day is dawning, one where you will continue to work together to bring into alignment and reality your joined visions of the future which you would like to create. You will manifest it together, dear hearts. Just like you did tonight.

I am over-joyed...over the moon!! I am your Sananda. I leave you with my love and gratitude.

* * * * 

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Sunday, January 13, 2019



January 12, 2019

PREFACE: Drifting off to sleep...remembered a dream I had the night before. A recurring dream theme for me, unfortunately.  Here it is:  I'm at school and I can't remember my schedule! Sound familiar to anyone?  Where am I supposed to go? Math class? Chemistry? Language Arts? I am frozen in fear and can't move. So, I miss classes and get very far behind.
     Or, I'm at school and can't remember my locker combination! It's in between classes and everyone is rushing about to their next class but I can't get into my locker to get my books! UGH!
     Or, I finally make it to class and I didn't do my homework and/or I'm so far behind that I can't understand what's going on.
     These dreams cause great stress and a feeling of not being good enough. And, I have them often. Not fun. So, I was thinking about these dreams and a powerful feeling came over me and I began receiving a message. I keep my phone on my bedside table (turned off), so I woke up enough to turn it on and start recording.


* * * * *

I AM your Mother God and I have a message for All Lightworkers!


The time for old programs that made you feel small, insecure, question your power and not feel good enough is finished. Those programs are deleted as of now. So be it, it is done. (These programs were created by Beings who did their best to keep you down).


You are one of very precious few who have chosen to come. To lead by example, to lead with your hearts...the chosen few. You begged and pleaded and prepared to be here now. You have the strength, you have the courage, you must stand up now!


You have prepared!! You have the knowledge and you have the pure hearts to accomplish your missions successfully. You shall lead by example. You shall make courageous decisions leading with your heart.


Again, know that you are fully supported in all ways and means. You only need to ask for assistance and we will all be there.


I love you and ask ever so gently, but firmly, that you move forward.


The time has come that many, many, many (people) will need to see your lights. They are swimming in the darkness and they need to see the HOPE that you will bring. They don't understand what is going on. They see the changes, they feel the chaos that has been projected and they are afraid.

**I plead with you, dear Lightworkers, as YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONES and you must step forward**


I AM your Mother God and I have sent my message to you today so that you can REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE! REMEMBER!

I LOVE YOU, MY DEAR CHILDREN. Go with my love, always.

* * * * *
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Sunday, January 6, 2019

ARCH ANGEL MICHAEL 1-6-19 - Ascension Update

Received January 6, 2019

Yes, Dear Heart, I AM Arch Angel Michael and I am privileged to give you a report today at your request. Well, let's not make it so much as a report (which sounds too formal), but an Update on what has been going on lately.

Yes, I realize that many of your Lightworker friends are on my Team, Dear Heart. We all know each other well as you say. This is because we all took an oath to Mother & Father that we would assist any way we could to bring the Light back to Gaia. For some of us, this means literally battling the dark ones who wish to stay here where they have had it good for eons. However, they are not allowed to stay, per Mother & Father's decree. It is past time for them to leave and we have to show many the door!

I realize that I have been depicted over the centuries as wearing armor and having a large sword which I use to slay enemies. Think of this image as a representation of my job or duties. I do not literally dress this way! (smiles). We use our Light and Love to do battle, to bring down the dark ones who cannot stand the light. No need for physical swords when most of these being aren't in your 3D anyway. Swords or other physical weapons wouldn't have an affect on them.

Thus, I do not consider myself war-like, but a Warrior of the Light! And, my Team is on this same wavelength. We go on many missions daily, at all times of the day and night. Many of you do work very hard during your dream time; and possibly while you are at work or school during the day. As you may or may not know, you are multi-dimensional beings. So, you can be in many places at once. This is just one of the many reasons you are all feeling exhausted, Dear Ones.

Another reason you are needing more rest (when you can get it) is because of all the energies being brought in or sent to Gaia at this time. Yes, specific energies are being sent to you from Mother God and your Galactic Families. They are all helping your bodies to upgrade, clear out, rise up and Ascend. This is the end goal!

This plan of Enlightenment of Gaia has been in progress for eons and you all have had a major part to play over countless lifetimes. It is indeed very complicated and intricate. Threads of various back-stories are inter-woven making the plot thick and juicy! It is a grand tale that will be told for eons after completion. You all wanted a first class ticket on this Love Train and you have the best seats in the house!! All Aboard!!! (smiles).

We are almost Home, dear hearts. Your journey has been long and fraught with danger but your dedication and love have carried you home. When all is complete, we will go Home together and have glorious Reunions and Celebrations!! Please know that we applaud your efforts as you all are grateful for our hard work also. None of us could do this without the others. We are a Family of Light!!

Yes, Dear Heart, I hear your questions but do not feel that it is appropriate at this time to go into further detail about our missions. They are not “top secret” per se, but they are on-going and My Team is currently working as I am communicating this to you.

I wish to commend those of you who can feel and intuit when you are working “on the other side”. If you do feel this and can allow yourselves to rest, please do so!! If you do not know what it feels like, I will ask this one to share what it feels like for her. She says she feels 'bi-located' sometimes or just plain exhausted. Like someone has drained out all of her energy. Or like she weights 500 pounds and can't move. (OK, I think they get it! Smiles). As Mother God says Dear Hearts, please be gentle with yourselves when you feel like this. We realize you need to work but try to rest when you arrive at home. OK? We appreciate your efforts greatly!!

Your bodies are also being upgraded by the energies coming into Earth, so many of you are doing double duty! This is yet another reason we realize you are very tired and run down, Dear Hearts.

However, SOON it will be finished!!! SOON all the dark ones will be gone, your bodies will be bright and shiny and you will be Ascending to the 5th dimensional frequencies. I jest by using the word SOON as I know how you all feel about that! It's just that we have no-time so we cannot relate to your linear time very well; and also, we are not prognosticators!

Only Mother & Father God know the Divine Timing of all events and we trust and have faith that they know much better than we do when these things should occur.

Brothers and Sisters, I am honored to speak with you today and I commend your Service!! Be of Joy! We have accomplished a great deal already and will “soon” celebrate! Love Everlasting to you All!! I AM Arch Angel Michael.

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Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

DIVINE MOTHER GOD - Tsunami of Love Update 12-11-18

Received 12-11-18

Dear Children, many, many things are coming at you now, fast and furious. Not only in your news, and social media platforms, but within and without. Please know that I am sending my Tsunami of Love and it is hitting you all right now. It makes some of you tense and others who have their hearts wide open are feeling my love within their hearts. Continue to open your hearts, dear Children, to allow more of my love to come in. Open your hearts and heart chakras up wide!

Those not accustomed to my love, those who are closed off to me will continue to become more and more agitated as the wave becomes stronger and stronger. It is your job, Lightworkers, to assist others who are having difficulty. How? By being a shining example of LOVE embodied. Show them how to breathe, how to relax and allow these feelings of love tingles enter. Show them that it is OK and that all will be well. Be gentle and kind to everyone. I know this is difficult, especially if someone is shouting or hitting you, for example. But allow me to come into your hearts and I will help you to do this. You are my emissaries, dear Children. You are ME embodied and I need your help at this time!!

Yes, you have taken on many jobs for this lifetime and this is one of them. This is URGENT, dear Lightworkers for we wish to save and help as many as we can. For those who do not receive your assistance or blessings will have a more difficult time. Rash actions can occur. You see this everyday in your news and it will become more prevalent as time passes...until the threshold of love vibrations reach the tipping point to take you all into the next level. When that occurs, anyone who is not vibrating at a specific rate will not be able to go forward. They will be taken care of, not to worry!  However, it is our joint goal that as many people as possible make the transition and ascend together. Do you see? (Yes!)

Yes, dear One you may ask a question. 

Any cosmic events coming in also to coincide with your Tsunami of Love? I've heard lots about the sun lately.

Ahhh, yes dear One, there are many events all joining in together in perfect harmony to bring about this apex of highest vibrations to assist humanity at this time. Some are cosmic events, some are astrological in nature some are more physical (such as sounds) while others are energetically based. This is an incredible time to be alive, dear Children and you all wished to be here NOW. You are the bravest of the brave and my pride and joy. I salute you and applaud your steadfastness and courage during this difficult time.

Please remember that you all have your own entourage of loving Beings surrounding you at all times who would jump at the change to help you!!! Call on them!! They live to serve and to help you as they have also taken on this mission. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance, dear Children. In doing so, you show strength and the wisdom to know when to seek help. There is no weakness or shame in that. We are a family, a grand team and we all have our parts to play.

Remember, shine your lights as brightly as you can and when others are drawn to you, show them grace and love in my name. Teach them to breathe, relax and open their hearts to love. That is all. I AM your Mother God. Live in ease and grace and go with my love, dear Children.

* * * *
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Sunday, November 25, 2018

MOTHER GOD "Your sacred work has been successful!" 11-25-18

Received 11-25-18

This is Mother God and I also have a message this fair evening for my Lightworker Children. Feel my love. I am bathing you in my pink light of unconditional love and it seeps into all your bodies; your physical body and all your light bodies. You are loved and cared for deeply.

I know how difficult the past few years have been on you, dear Children. You have worked so very hard and with such conviction to accomplish your missions. Your dedication to the Light is astounding and I am very grateful for this. Of course, your Father and I are also proud!  Proud parents you might say.

This lightwork included transmuting the dark dross which had encapsulated and suffocated Gaia from eons of dark thought-forms of pain, suffering and loss; clearing the energy grids surrounding Gaia; and reaching out to the 'dark ones' and assisting them in crossing into the Light. Each of you had missions which were specific to your special abilities.  All felt like never-ending tasks to be sure. Many of you indeed performed this work diligently during your dream-time and awoke exhausted. We applaud you, dear Children. Your sacred work has been successful!!

Now, the time of my Tsunami of Love, my Love Wave is almost upon you all. It is my way of showing you my gratitude for all this work you have done. It is my great blessing. And as I said before, it will arrive at the perfect time. You will be delighted and relax into my love, feeling it encapsulate every single cell of your body with living, loving joy! It will wash away your pain, troubles, and stress. Let it soak you to the bone, dear hearts!!! It is my gift.

I AM your Mother God and I wish you a peaceful night's rest or a beautiful, joyous day whenever you are. Your Father and I love you endlessly and send you our Love. Always.

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Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

SANANDA "The new Golden Age has started!" 11-25-18

Received 11-25-18

I AM SANANDA and I do have a message for the Lightworkers of Earth at this time. This message is to be short and sweet as you say. For I AM busy celebrating with your Brethren, with your Ascended Masters, Angels, Company of Heaven, Galactic Family, Gaia and all her Kingdoms and your Inner Earth Brethren who are awake and aware. We are all celebrating the coming of the New Age, the New Golden Age which has in fact started already!

You may or may not be aware, dear Ones but this is true. There have been many events behind the scenes which have triggered your final jump into the New Golden Age and you all will receive this news through channels with which you are familiar very soon.  

What does this mean, you ask? Well, it does mean that your planet and all her peoples have ascended into the next stage of your development. You have broken free from your slavery! The grand experiment that we have all been working on for ages and ages has finally and truly been successful in earnest. Peace has been claimed. Governments have acquiesced. They have finally bowed down to let their people be free and in your terms, have abided by the new GESARA laws to enable all Earth's peoples to be FREE!!!! After much resistance for many years from many governments, this is the happiest news we have had in awhile.

Lastly, your blessing of the RV is at your doorstep once again, dear hearts. We know it has been an over and over situation for you; hearing it is coming and yet does not show up when promised. We understand and know how you feel. You have the saying “cry wolf” from an old fable. So, for your sake we will not give dates and times and promises, but just to let you know that it IS still coming and is at your door ready to knock or ring your bell.

Many other glorious events are timed in with your RV, dear hearts; including Mother's Tsunami of Love/the Event which you are all waiting for as well. As Mother God told this One previously, she has timed her Love Wave perfectly and we would not wish to spoil this surprise.

So, there are many things to be grateful for at this time, do you see? Your official start of the New Golden Age where all man & womankind will be FREE to pursue their highest dreams, the RV so the Lightworkers of the World can start their humanitarian projects to help those in need; Mother's Love Wave; GESARA; visits from your Galactic Family; the return of your Mentors and many other wonders that you haven't even heard of yet!! 

Be grateful and accept these upcoming blessings into your hearts, Dear Ones for they are all on their way! You will be delighted beyond your wildest imagination—and we know you have imagined a great deal!!

You are blessed. You are loved beyond measure. I AM  SANANDA and I wish you all to feel these many blessings coming, to feel the Love of your Mother and Father God who have given life to us all. I am grateful for all of you who have joined us in this grand experience. Thank you for your service, support and love. We will be together soon. Namaste.


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Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

Thursday, November 8, 2018

DIVINE MOTHER GOD 11-8-18 "I AM calling ON YOU, LIGHTWORKERS for your Assistance!"

Received Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018

I AM your Mother God and I have quite the message for you to share with your Lightworker friends on this fair and cool evening. I am continuing my Tsunami of Love; sending love in waves and bursts to you, my children living on the surface. This benevolent onslaught will continue until all the dark entities are gone. They cannot handle my high vibrations of love and this is the most effective way to cancel out their existence on Gaia at this time.

At I said previously, I have given them more than enough time to give up their position of staying true to the dark, or their non-loving ways. They did not acquiesce, so I have pushed forward with my plan and continue to send love waves consistently until they are all cleared. Lightworkers must stay vigilant for they will strike out where ever they can. They will attempt to attach themselves to ones who they feel cannot harm them or ones whom they wish to harm.

I AM CALLING ON YOU, LIGHTWORKERS FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE. Lightworkers, please be faithful in practicing your energy work and your healing and protecting practices for they are vital at this time. Blaze the violet flame for transmutation whenever you can; and also use your healing talents to send love, light and healing blessings to all your Brothers and Sisters on the planet. Of course, my Legions of Angels are always on call and wish you would call on them more often.

This current situation will not last much longer, dear Children. The dark cannot hold on as I continue to raise the frequencies of love on Gaia. Although in times past you have "battled" these lost ones, please try your best to send them love and help them go into the light of the great central sun for re-purposing. It is their time to let go and they need help from you to let go! This may sound preposterous to you, but it is your job as Lightworkers and Light Bearers to send even your enemies love.

Many have come before you and tried their hardest to send love to their enemies. It is not an easy thing to do, especially when they have caused so pain and suffering. But this pure act of loving even your enemy is powerful enough to blast your hearts wide open and allow even more love to enter. I will be there with you, dear Children as you practice this exercise. Forgive them. Send them love and help them on their way.

This One has heard her friend speak of this action which he and his son have been doing. Bravo! This is the way to 'be rid of them.' They are honestly coming to many of you for help in the only way they know how—by attacking. So, wrap them up in pink fuzzy blankets of my love and see them floating away in a big pink bubble of love.

Please pursue these actions, dear Children and it will be no time until all of Gaia will be cleared of the last remaining trouble makers. We must do it together! I am sending my love waves and you are sending them love also and assisting them in crossing over. My Angels and your Space Family are helping too. Do you see? We are all in Divine Partnership! All working together for the great good and for the further of Nova Gaia.

I send you bright pink moonbeams of lo
ve this fair evening, dear Children. I am your Mother God and I am ecstatic to be in Divine Partnership with you all. Together we cannot be stopped!

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Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

Thursday, October 25, 2018


Received Wednesday, October 24, 2018

I AM your Mother God, the Divine Feminine, the Sacred One. Your Father God is here too, he shares his energies also but has asked me to speak. We have a message for the Lightworkers of Earth on this fair evening, during your full harvest moon.

Things are shifting and changing quickly now, dear Children. You all feel it and see it all around you. I'm not speaking of your news programs. I'm speaking of your beautiful Gaia, Planet Earth. Have you noticed how sparkling and beautiful she is now? Can you feel it in the air? Have you noticed the crystal blue skies and fluffy white Sylphs making appearances for you? Yes, they do! The animals and insects too; all know that something has changed!

Slyphs at sunset
(Note: Sylphs are Air Elementals)

Gaia herself has fully ascended now and she is awaiting for you all in the 5th dimension and beyond. Even in your present state, somewhere between 3rd and 4th density or dimensions as you have come to understand it, you can see her beauty reflected back to you. But let us say that in the 5th is where her beauty shines. Truly. She is very grateful for all that you have done for her; you Lightworkers of Earth. She is also grateful to your Galactic families and all of her Kingdoms who have all helped.

Symptoms for Lightworkers
Those of you who are closest to her are feeling the effects of Gaia's Ascension now. You may feel light-headed, have headaches, body aches, stomach and intestinal issues, feel scatter-brained, exhausted and many other symptoms. How could you not be affected? The one whom you have lived upon your whole lives has changed and morphed into a new body. This is quite exciting stuff!!

Of course, this great change in Gaia's make-up is also occurring as the same time as my (our) Tsunami of Love, so the energies are 'off the charts' as you say. Please give yourselves extra rest, clean food and clean fresh water when you can. Try your best to let go of as much as you can. Your lives are changing and will continue to change dear hearts.

We will step away as we know this One needs her rest. Your Father and I love you all more than you know and send it to you continually. Go rest now with our love.  

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Messages of Love Through Dancing Dolphin

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