Saturday, October 13, 2018

Human Angel Needs Help - Need a friend in DALLAS!

Today is Saturday, October 13, 2018 This is an unusual post but an urgent one!

Does anyone live in Dallas,TX or have a friend or family member in Dallas that might be able to help an Angel in need?  

Looking for a clean, safe place for this Angel to do laundry and take a shower at the very least.  If you have a spare room that would be heavenly!  I am trusting Arch Angel Michael to only send the purest of hearts to respond to this message.  Only Angels with love in their hearts would be reading my blog in the first place, but to step up and open their home to a 'stranger' is a calling few would undertake.  

Other Angel friends are sending $$ to help this Angel find a safe place to stay.  After many nights in shelters, our goal is to find this Angel her own private room.  We are sending $$ to her through Walmart's moneygram system so she can pick up cash.  

PRAYERS ARE WELCOME!!! And let us state our intention that our prayers reach every single person who is homeless, sick or having a difficult time!  We've got this!  We will reach out our hands and hearts to those sisters and brothers who need it most!  So be it.  It is done.  

Thank you, all Angels!

Love & Light,
Dancing Dolphin

Sunday, October 7, 2018

DIVINE MOTHER GOD: 10-7-18 "You are all very powerful Creator Beings"

Divine Mother God through Dancing Dolphin
"You are all very powerful Creator Beings"

Received Sunday, October 7, 2018

Prelude:  Dear One, yes, I AM Mother God and I do have a message for Lightworkers on this day; and for all of my Children. For even those who do not read this message are affected by it's energy, the energy that I pour forth onto Earth at this time. I have condensed the energy bubbles into these words for all to feel and experience.

Now, dear Children, what do you want your lives to be like in the future? Do you wish to be free and happy? To live without restraints? To follow your passions and play like no one is watching? Or is it “dance like no one is watching?” (smiles) Well, I don't know all of your sayings do I? You get the point. It is up to YOU, dear Children. You create it, you see it and imagine it and it will manifest for you. That is what life on this hologram of Earth is like. And in the future, the energies will be so high that what you focus on will manifest very quickly.

So, I say to you—pay attention to your thoughts. Let the troublesome ones pass you by, do not focus on them. Let any negative thought flow through you, do not attach any emotion to it. For your emotions, thoughts, focus and intent will create your reality. Actually it already does, but this process will be much more amplified in the near future.

So, what do you want? A house by the lake with your love? A booming house with many children and lots of love? A job doing what brings you happiness and fulfillment? A clean Earth? A community of like-minded individuals who all work and play together for their highest good? Community gardens? Health for all? Clean water, beautiful homes, fresh clean food for all? Focus and pay attention to your thoughts. OK, I think you all get that. Yes, it is simple, but very, very important.

Here is a message of hope for the hurting ones, for the people who are suffering. I see your pain and worry and send you my love, dear Children. We are working on something to make your lives much better.  Strategic plans that have been in the works for many millennia are finally finishing up now. These plans are actions of a Revolution to bring your freedoms back. I set forth my intentions that the dark ones would no longer control Earth. My children have lived under this enslavement for far too long. Please know (as you have heard) Earth is a “free will” planet. This is why I did not step in and put a halt to this enslavement many, many years ago.

But the time came when I could no longer put up with this situation, so I put a halt to it. My teams of Lightworkers or White Hats which include your own Lightworker family, your Galactic family and many of the Company of Heaven (Ascended Masters, Angels, Guides, etc) have been working on this plan to return Earth to the Light for many years.

This actionable plan is almost complete. Many of the dark ones, the darkest of the dark, have already been removed. Your Light Teams are still working to this day to finish up this clearing process. They surely can use your love, strength, courage and protection. Pray for them, send them love and healing energy! They are tired and weary, just as you are. You are many and can help a great deal by sending them your love and light!!! Please do this and your New Earth will be born quicker. It is also a beautiful way to send your gratitude for the hard work that they have all been doing. Gratitude is very powerful, it carries love with it too; very powerful love!

Be generous with your Love and Gratitude dear Children. We have a never-ending supply of it and it blooms and grows and spreads like the most beautiful lights you have ever seen. I have the joy of watching your love spread and flow all over Earth. You are all very powerful Creator Beings and you delight in using your power for good; for bringing joy and beauty into your world. Trust that this process works and that your combined love blasts are making a very big difference! Yes, it is true, dear Children.

There is much to be grateful for and I am ever so grateful for all of you bright shining Souls, my dear Children. I am a proud Mother on this day. Feel my love blasts and my pink light of unconditional love which wraps you up like a warm fuzzy blanket. I also have warm, fluffy socks or slippers for you if you prefer. (smiles)  Feel my love warm your heart and all of your insides. We are connected, dear Children. You, I and all of us together. Our combined love can power in the New Earth. Believe this for it is true. KNOW THIS.

I AM your Mother God and I wish you all a beautiful, lovely shining day. Thank you for Being YOU, the Divine Child that I created for this purpose. You all have a calling and a Mission. You are here NOW for this Mission of being a Lightworker. You shine your light and love wherever it is needed. I tell you, the White Hats and Alliance who are fighting for you need your Light and Love now. Please send it to them, and while you are at it, send it right back to yourselves, to your Galactic family, to Gaia and all her Kingdoms, the Company of Heaven and right back to me and your Father God! Together we will create a giant, beautiful circle of love, dear hearts! Yes! It is stunning and pulsing and beautiful. Thank you for your service, dear Children, I love to more than you can ever comprehend.  I AM your Mother God and I am ever so proud of all of you. Go with my love.

Please feel free to share!
Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


St. Germain through Dancing Dolphin
**RV/GCR SitRep--It's ON!**

Received Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Yes, it is I, St. Germain and I indeed have a message for the Lightworkers of Earth tonight.

Today was a very big day for the emergence of the RV/GCR. Today was very important. Yes, I am speaking of Wed. Oct 3, 2018. The day when the world stood up and said “We're not going to take it anymore” to the Cabal! We gave them a final warning shot across their bow and they have seen that we are serious. They know that if they do not surrender at this point that Mother God has declared that they may and will be 'taken out' to say it crassly. They will be removed from this Earthy plane by White Hat military personnel who are trained in this regard. No trials or court hearings for them. They have had their chance to turn to the light and to be evacuated in a peaceful manner. But they are hard core 'fanatics' as you say and will not give up. This saddens all of us greatly. We have extended this event as long as we could. We were all praying for some love to enter into their hearts so they could be saved. But, alas, it was not to be.

So, you are asking for the status of the RV? I tell you, dear heart, IT'S ON! We're ramped up and ready to go! Please do tell your Lightworkers to be ready. I know they've been ready for years, but I mean REALLY READY. Not only for their appointments, but for the Post RV celebrations, then to get down to business and the play and fun that Mother just described to you about working with us. (Note from DD, he is referring to this post). 

By the way, ENJOY YOURSELVES during your appointments!!! No need to be nervous!!! We will be there with you to be sure. We love you and adore you all.

I'm not just telling you all to be ready for your exchange/redemption appointments because I think you all are ready for those. What I am telling you is that you must give yourselves time to adjust post RV. We want to courage you all to go slow because the adjustment to your new lifestyle will be massive. But we also know that many of you will feel overwhelmed as there are SO MANY needs to be met! As Mother said, CALL ON US! We can send you an idea as a thought-form that will just pop into your mind. Say you have a list of 5 projects that are vital to your community. Which to start first? ASK US. We have a 'higher' vantage point you might say and and help you make those tough decisions.

Are you ready to save the world? Are you ready to fight and love and give the best you have to give? Are you ready to be Leaders in your own communities? Lead the way with Love. You do not need to be walking through the streets with a bullhorn leading like an Army general. Lead by example. Lead with love in your hearts. If you wish to stay anonymous, imbue your top executives with LOVE AND YOUR VISION.

I felt your excitement today, dear hearts as you received the alerts on your phones. Many, many of you were thrilled because this was the first time that something predicted actually happened! Am I right? (Yes!!) I felt your joy! Get ready to enjoy more of that joy for it's coming, dear hearts! And you all are in the front seat of the roller coaster of love! You've got front row seats to the best show in the Universe! Not bad, eh?

And when you are finally flush with prosperity and can begin your LOVE WORK in the physical, your hearts will overflow with joy. I KNOW YOU ALL! I know what's in your hearts. I know that you want to help others and take away their pain. To help them to prosper and thrive and enjoy their new found freedoms! (Yes!) Well, it's coming!

I AM ST. GERMAIN and just had to pop in here and share this wonderful news tonight! Love to all! WE WILL CELEBRATE SOON!

Please feel free to share!
Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

DIVINE MOTHER GOD: Message for the Lightworkers of Earth 10-3-18

Divine Mother God through Dancing Dolphin
"Message for the Lightworkers of Earth"

Received Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Dear Heart, yes, it is I, Mother God or the Divine Mother coming to speak to you tonight to give you a message for the Lightworkers of Earth. I am grateful to you my dear for taking this message for me.

Firstly, I would like to say that I have indeed begun my final Tsunami of Love to Earth. I have sent it and it is on its way. I meant what I said last week in your time. It will indeed hit at exactly the right “divine” time as you call it. There are many events; political, spiritual, ecological and physical on the Earth plane that are happening at any given time. I have calculated the very best time for my wave to hit and it will indeed come shortly. This One asked me to be clear because she knows that I don't live by a clock as you do. So, I am being as precise as I wish to, and I'm sure you all respect that. Just trust and have faith that it is indeed on its way and will hit at the precise, correct Divine Time. That is all I wish to say about that my Children.

The other topic I wish to address is the constant barraging of untruths and lies that I see in gossip and rumor websites, etc. I am not encouraged by the scandals and lies told about people. Indeed, we should all ignore that type of trash talk. Please do not believe everything you read or hear. Whether it is about a politician, celebrity, another Lightworker or someone you know personally. Many people are acting out in violence, outrage and with confusion at this time. You see it in your news everyday. Please remember that you all are being bombarded by many energies right now and some people just cannot handle them. They are losing sight of the bigger picture which you, as Ligthworkers focus on everyday. Please continue to pray and send love to those who have lost their way. Many are just struggling to survive and we know that many of you will help those in need when you receive your blessing.

More new topics of information are coming to light, you all are learning more things than ever before. Things that were hidden, such as the real truth of your human history are being revealed now. Things that were suppressed are now being set free. You are receiving the information as you are ready to hear it. The more you learn, the more that will be revealed to you. This is how it works! You must ask to receive more information, dear Children. My Angels, Ascended Masters and your Galactic Family are all on call to assist. This includes spiritual teachings and everything from quantum mechanics to proper nutrition. There are many specialists who would love to teach you, you only need to ask!

The progression of the RV/GCR and your Ascension have been on a roll since May when I released it. Many, many boxes had to be checked in the proper order for everything to come into alignment for these events to happen. You are very, very close to the end, the Tetelestai as you have been told.

Many of you have been waiting and planning your new lives for many, many years. I realize this has been very difficult for you all. It is akin to a birthing process. You grow and change along the way and finally, your baby is ready to be born. Then, once the baby comes you have many more new challenges and surprises that you didn't even know would come. It is not like you will sit down in your easy chairs and say “ahhhhhhh" and think you are finished.  

Well, you can do that for a bit; but when you are rested you will jump up and say “OK, what now Mother? What would you like me to do first?” And I will send your Higher Self a nudge, or you may receive it directly from me. “Feed the hungry” may just pop into your mind. Yes, that was a nudge from me! “Help the homeless find shelter, food, water and jobs” Just that one little quick thought form will send you off in an entirely new direction and you will be on your way to helping to heal Gaia and all her peoples! Your Missions will be ALIVE! You will have stepped into your POWER and LOVE. Just like that! 

No need to become overwhelmed at all the work that needs to be done. You all have many brilliant and beautiful ideas on how to help. If you'd like a little direction on what to tackle first, just ask me. Connect with me and I will guide you. I can even lead you to other people who are on the same path. Or, send you to the perfect place. See? It will be fun and free-flowing! Follow the guidance you receive and you will make new friends along the way while doing your best to help.

Know that your New Earth is coming soon. Your prosperity is coming soon. Your Masters, Galactic Family, Inner & Hollow Earth families and the Company of Heaven will be celebrating with you soon! I realize this word has become over used and frustrating at best. Trust. Keep the faith.

I AM your Mother God and I send my love on bright moonbeams on this beautiful evening. My blessings are yours. Know that you are well protected and loved.

Please feel free to share!
Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

Thursday, September 27, 2018

DIVINE MOTHER GOD: "You are facing a great change in your lives..."

Divine Mother God through Dancing Dolphin
"You are facing a great change in your lives"

Received Thursday, September 27, 2018

Prelude from Dancing Dolphin:  
I've been feeling very “down” today, almost brokenhearted for some reason. Can't seem to shake it. I really needed to feel and hear a message of comfort and hope today!!  So, after I got home from work I sat down and asked Mother God to please speak to me.  'What's going on?  Why am I so sad today?' Just connecting with her energy helped me release my tears and let it all out .  I hope that you all get something special out of her message also.  Namaste.

* * * 
Hello, dear heart, this is indeed your Divine Mother answering your call. I feel your downtrodden heart, dear One. Allow these feelings to flow through you. You are sensing the old passing by...your old life ending, to be more accurate. Things will change very quickly and this is your personal process taking place. Endings and new beginnings are difficult as you know. For things do need to end before the new can take place.  This ending includes people as well as “things” such as your jobs, homes, etc. Some people will leave your lives, dear hearts. Try your best to let them go with ease and grace. Everyone has their own path. This may happen by way of an illness, an accident, a death, or them just moving away in various forms.

Thank them for their contribution to your life and let them go. Change is indeed inevitable. Sometimes you love how things are and want everything to stay the same; however, it cannot. Everything is in flux and movement; constant movement. You know all this in your minds, but your hearts have a difficult time in letting go. I understand, dear hearts. Please remember too that Love is forever! Love ties will stay together forever.

So, this is a gentle reminder to you, dear heart and to all my Lightworker Children. You are facing a great change in your lives and loss is part of this change. However, you will gain much more than you have lost! Please remember this. Let people and objects go with your blessing. Let go. Flow with my love. I will wrap you up safe and sound in my pink fuzzy blanket with slippers and a nightcap to keep your head warm and loved.

Ease your instinct to attempt to control a situation that you are not happy about. Let go! I will watch over your loved ones too. That is a lifelong guarantee, my Children! You have no-thing to worry about—ever! Listen to your Mother, your Divine Mother for I know best. (smiles). I am pleased to speak with you today and ask that you continue to call on me when you need guidance, love, support and a gentle but firm “talking to” that only a Mother can provide. I love with you all my heart. I AM your Mother God and wish you all a relaxing evening filled with my love.

Please feel free to share!
Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

Monday, September 24, 2018

DIVINE MOTHER GOD: "The time has come to send the final wave of my tsunami of love" 9-24-18

Divine Mother through Dancing Dolphin
"The time has come for me to send the final
wave of my tsunami of love"

Received Monday, September 24, 2018

Prelude from Dancing Dolphin:  As I sat down to take a message this evening, I asked my H.S. "Who would like to give me a message for the Lightworkers of Earth?"  Almost instantly, I felt Mother God's incredible presence!  My stomach started tingling big time with energy, my eyes began watering with joy and so much energy was pulsating through my arms that my hands were shaking.  Wow! 
 * * *
Yes, dear heart, this is Mother God and I do have a message for the Lightworkers of Earth and for all my Children of Earth. My children, the time has come for me to send the final wave of my tsunami of love, of what you are now calling “The Event.”  For in truth, I have been sending this wave of brilliant love light for a couple of years now but had to tone it down so I wouldn't overload your systems. 

I have asked this One to bold the sentence in the above paragraph because that is what I wish to discuss with you tonight, this very night. So again I say, The time is now right for me to send the final wave of my tsunami of love to Earth, to YOU!  I am joyful and thrilled that you all have adapted so well to the preliminary waves that I have been sending you. It was vital that you adjust first to these energies before more could be sent. Many other triggers or events had to happen in line also as you can imagine.

But the careful, meticulous planning by the Company of Heaven and your Galactic Family and implementation by the Alliance of ALL OF YOU combined—the Company of Heaven, Galactics, Lightworkers, StarSeeds, Inner Earth & Hollow Earth families and of course, Gaia and all her Kingdoms have made this final wave of love light possible. You are all doing it together, dear children!

I am pouring forth my love light into the Soul of this One as we speak and let me say—she feels it! The tingling in the stomach, tears of joy, shaking of the hands, the overflowing love in her heart—YES!! My final wave will simply flood your Being with everlasting unconditional love which will wash clean all that no longer serves your highest good.

There is absolutely no reason to fear this wave of love light dear Children! Depending upon where you are when it reaches you, you may or may not see it coming. If you are outside, you may see brilliant colors in the sky flowing towards Earth. It will be a beautiful sight! If others are concerned or become afraid, please comfort them with the knowledge that it is Divine Mother's love coming to Earth.

If you are inside (and possibly sleeping) when the wave washes over you, you will feel joy, excitement, contentment, ease and my unconditional love. If your family becomes alarmed in any way; again—please do comfort them and reassure them that this wave of love was sent from their Mother God.

Your world and lives will change greatly after the wave passes. Go slow, follow your hearts and you will know which path to take. Of course, many other events will follow in short order. You are always protected and loved, dear Children; and you may call on myself, your Father God and/or all our Angels and Ascended Masters for guidance if you wish.

I will be sending further updates through this One shortly. She has asked to receive Messages of Love for the Lightworkers of Earth and so I am very pleased to have this communication with you, my Children. This is the time that you all have been working towards for millennia. Please relax and enjoy this experience! Your stories will be told for generations to come. Rest now with my love.

Please feel free to share.  My blog is always free.
Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

Saturday, September 22, 2018


St. Germain through Dancing Dolphin
**RV/GCR SitRep**

Received Saturday, Sept 22, 2018

Prelude:  Yes, I am ready. I have prepared another message to the Lightworkers of Earth and I am grateful to you for helping me to share my messages. For they are messages of love and have need to be shared.   

Are you ready, dear hearts? Are you ready for your New Earth to be born and realized? You have all worked so hard in creating her with your thought forms and manifesting exactly what you want to see in your New Earth. You have all created this New Earth together and Mother has given her bright blessings on Gaia's new form. You will all indeed be there shortly for things are progressing very nicely.

The countries of Earth are lining up to take their place in line for GESARA and indeed for World Peace, which is part and parcel of GESARA. The domino's are falling into place as you might say. We have planned this for many, many years. We lined things up, implemented our plans and now they are actualized. This is a thrill that I am grateful to experience now. We have indeed ALL worked so hard on this plan to bring the Light back to Gaia and we will ALL celebrate when every single atom of darkness has been expunged from Gaia.

Many events are set to come fast and furious now and don't you dare worry about when or which one will occur first. Just stay in your blessed peace space of Love Work and keep imagining your New Earth and every single detail that you can conjure up for your highest good. Stay in the flow of Mother's Love and know that you all will be protected and are blessed beyond measure.

I wish to add that it is your continued job duty to remain a Pillar of Light for those around you. Some events, such as Disclosure may upset people. Their lives will be disrupted and their eyes opened to things they never dreamt possible. Be the light that you are, shine your lights and send your love blasts worldwide. Remember that you are on Gaia for this purpose. 

Everyone has their own choice, their own life path and we must honor that. You can light the way with your love, but you are not responsible for another's actions. Some may choose a different path than yours. You may decide to move into 5D and beyond while others may not wish to awaken and to go back to sleep. That is their choice. They will be taken to another future, another place to live out their days in a 3D world. This will be difficult for some of you to see and understand. Please know that you are doing your best but you may not be able to “save” everyone, possibly even some closest to you. Try to remain neutral if possible. This is the best course of action and will help to maintain your inner peace.

Light prevails, dear hearts! I thank you for your service and I wish you many, many years of bright blessings. You all deserve this experience of victory and the relief and joy on a project well done.

I thank you all for your service. I am your St Germain and wish you a fair and blessed evening. We will meet soon and celebrate together in love.

Please feel free to share!  My blog is always free.
Message of Love through Dancing Dolphin

Thursday, September 20, 2018

ST. GERMAIN - RV/GCR SitRep - 9-20-18

St. Germain through Dancing Dolphin
**RV/GCR SitRep**

Received Thursday, Sept 20, 2018

Prelude:  Once again, dear heart, I have prepared a message that I would like to send out to all Lightworkers of Earth. 

Note to All from St. Germain:   These messages may or may not be what you expected when you saw the title of RV/GCR SitRep. (smile) That is a nice catch phrase, is it not? Well, I have lured you here to share messages of love and of hope. Each message does of course have my essence imbued into it and you should feel a piece of me as you read these words. This is how it works, dear hearts. My essence is sent with love and many blessings to ease you on your journey. I do not want to get sidetracked here, but I easily could! Let me dive into what I would like to say to you today.

Lots of love work is happening all across Gaia at this time. Love “work” is a term that I often use to describe the “action” of loving. I am of course referring to the excellent love work that you all have been doing since my first message was posted. Outstanding job, Lightworkers!! You are joining together in your dream-states and in your meditations and sending LOVE VIBRATIONS to everyONE. I am ever so proud! Your Love Work is stupendous and has a great effect; it is even softening the hearts of those whose hearts were quite hard. So yes, you get a gold star!

Now, have you also been using your creative abilities to their fullest? Are you visualizing your glorious futures? I hope that you are enjoying this fun task of sorts. As you continue to see your bright futures you will continually raise your vibrations and you will bring this future to your now even faster. Your manifesting creative abilities are powerful and I am pleased that many of you are enjoying this assignment/suggestion.

OK, what's next? Well, as you can imagine I cannot give you deep, dark inside secrets of what's going on behind closed doors. But please know that your Alliance Teams are continuing their efforts to bring the RV/GCR about. It is not a question of “if” but only a question of “when.” So please do continue to do your Lightworker duties of Love Work and creating the New Earth.

Today I wish to suggest that we remain open to new possibilities. Remain open and flexible and go with the flow. Sometimes things to do not happen as we think they will. Do they? For instance, you may hope for a surprise birthday party, but your family was so busy that they forgot it was your birthday. Are you going to sulk? Throw a tantrum? No. You are a understanding, loving Soul. You and your family and friends may celebrate your day of birth another day. You stay grounded, flexible, centered in your Being and feel gratitude for all that you have been given.

Now, why I am saying this? Well, let me say that I know what's floating around in all of your heads. “When is the RV going to happen? What will my exchange appointment be like? When will “The Event” come? When will we go to Hollow Earth? When will the Galactics land? When will our Mentors arrive? When is Disclosure going to happen? What about all those mass arrests? When will we get flying cars? (smile) How long will we have to accomplish our Humanitarian Projects before...? When can I ride on board a spaceship with my Galactic Family? WHEN IS THE ASCENSION GOING TO OCCUR?”

Each of you, my precious hearts, have your own ideas about all of these items above.  Please keep your minds and hearts open! You've been reading, researching, watching videos, meditating and talking in chat rooms ever since you woke up from the 3D coma that you were raised in. Of course, this is to be expected!

I am saying this to get you thinking that events may or may not happen in the way that you have been told.  In whatever whatever manner, in whatever type of experience that you were expecting.  So, I've just put a wrench in your mind-works, correct?  Not to worry!  

As a quick example, this one taking my message had a dream months ago that is still very fresh today. This dream illustrated how rigid her thinking had become in certain areas and it was a “wake-up call” to her. In the dream, she was sitting in a waiting room with a briefcase and feeling very nervous. She had donned her best clothes, prepared her business plan and was rehearsing her speech in her mind as she waited. There were other people waiting also but they did not speak to each other. Finally, it was her turn. She walked into the room and it was so different than she expected! It was a surgery theater! She expected a boardroom or office at the very least. A hospital? A surgery? What is going on? The people in the room were all wearing gowns, gloves and surgical masks and invited her to join in the surgery. What? She became angry and indignant. What is this, a joke? I'm not a surgeon! She thought to herself. She had expected to discuss her humanitarian projects.  Finally, she pulled one of the women aside and said “I just want to talk about my projects! What is going on?” The lady in the surgical mask responded “Please play along, we just want to get to know you better first.” This loving comment made her switch gears and relax. So, she put down her briefcase and picked up a surgical mask. Someone came over and put a robe and gloves on her. She she started acting like a big-wig surgeon calling out commands to the others. She began enjoying herself and was a bit embarrassed at how she had reacted to the unexpected situation when she first entered the room.

Do you see? Please note that I'm not only talking about your appointments. “The Event” may happen before your exchanges. Your Mentors may show up at an expected time; like in the middle of your dinner or first thing in the morning before you've brushed your teeth! You may see an Ascended Master and/or a Galactic Family member at your exchange appointment. Relax. Breathe. Gain your bearings and enjoy the experience. After all, you've all worked so very hard and deserve a wonderful experience. This is a stupendous time and many wonderful events are set to take place. It is my desire to see you all fully embrace these upcoming experiences with open minds and hearts.

I AM your St. Germain and I send you many blessings on this lovely day. Thank you again for your service.

Please feel free to share.  My blog is always free.
Messages of Love Through Dancing Dolphin

ST. GERMAIN - RV/GCR SitRep 9-19-18

St. Germain through Dancing Dolphin
**RV/GCR SitRep**

Received Wednesday, Sept 19, 2018

Prelude: Yes dear heart, I am here and just waiting for you to get settled. I've been thinking about what message I would like to give the Lightworkers of Earth today and here it is, in a nuthshell.

In your seats, your point of view, you may not see that anything is occurring all these days and nights that you wait on the edge of your seat for news to come forth that the RV has been released. You await anxiously for the good news because you were told that it would come. Time and time again you were told this.

This is the clue, dear hearts. TIME. Time changes all things. Time is a no-thing anywhere else except here on Gaia. Time spins around, time floats and time drags. For when you are engaged in something lovely, time flies, does it not? So, those loooonnnnggg moments of waiting for the RV are therefore expanding outwards and into infinity.

So, what to do? Do you try not to get too excited when predictions are made and you are told 'this is it!' ?? This one tries that and I must say it doesn't work very well. For, she has been disappointed many times.

I say, NO, look beyond the time of the exchange or redemption appointment! Look beyond and see yourselves in your new lives where your days are filled with joyful interactions with other Human Angels focused on their Humanitarian Projects. You are in this moment, this light-filled exciting time when you are actually fulfilling your life's mission. You are hiring people to help you run your projects, finding the perfect place to establish your headquarters; or, finding people to donate your blessings to. Whatever you imagine yourself doing, see it now. Envision it NOW. Will you be moving to a new home? What does it look like? Will you be traveling for enjoyment? Visiting family? Taking that long needed vacation? Learning to fly or ride a horse?

The point is, you are there in your mind. You have lost the immediate worry and anxiety of whether or night tonight is the night you will be called in for your exchange. Your mind is busy creating your future and all the blessings that it can imagine.

You can see the first people that your donations will help. The sheer incredulity on their faces. The relief that spreads across their eyebrows when they realize for the first split second that they don't have to worry about their mortgage or utilities bills anymore.

Go further, see all the sick and elderly people that the medbeds will heal. See the long withheld inventions that will now be shared with the world. The cleanup of the rivers, oceans and landfills. All the possible good that you can see, SEE IT NOW dear hearts!

See what FREEDOM will do to people's lives. Create it now. 

See community gardens where fresh fruits and vegetables are grown and shared. You get it, you know what I'm trying to do here!! The closer you can get to these feelings of immense gratitude and joy, the sooner you will bring them to yourselves and everyone else.

Yes, creative visualization is what I'm talking about. It works!  For as you see your desired future, your feelings increase your vibration and you project these images to the Univese. You literally will draw them into you.

Last night I spoke to you about joining together and sending out love vibrations to everyONE. Tonight, you may focus on your visions of the New Earth and share these images with your Lightworker friends. Telepathically, of course. Or, online or on the phone if you'd rather. However you share them, please do so. Collaborate with eachother. Get excited about working together! These exchanges are very powerful. Ideas start popping out of thin air into your brains. Take notes, lots of notes when ideas strike you in this manner. These are indeed Divinely inspired! It is miraculous to watch and even more fun to participate in.

So, anytime you need a break from the constant waiting for something to happen with the RV/GCR; get busy and create your New Earth with your minds. I guarantee the time will go faster and you will be refreshed and invigorated.

I AM your St. Germain and I wish you many blessings. Thank you all for your service.

Please feel free to share!  My blog is always free.
Messages of Love Through Dancing Dolphin

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Ascended Master ST. GERMAIN - RV/GCR SitRep 9-18-18

St. Germain through Dancing Dolphin
**RV/GCR SitRep**

Received Tuesday, Sept 18, 2018

Prelude:  Let us greet each other, dear one. (Mental greeting)  Yes, that is better. We are connected now. I heard your call, asking for a SitRep of the RV/GCR and yes, I got a laugh out of that too. Yes, I know the Lightworkers would love this, so I will comply with your wish.

Today, this day in your time is a day when I can honestly say that my time frame for this event is past due. As I told you in May, June and July, it was released by the Mother. Since then, many hoops have been jumped by various diplomats who are doing their utmost to secure the GCR and GESARA for their countries. But there are still those who oppose this movement and progress.

Let me say that nothing NO-THING can stop the GCR, GESARA and all my prosperity funds from being delivered to you and Gaia's peoples. No-thing! Mother has indeed decreed this event from the beginning of Gaia's time and she has indeed released it earlier this Spring.

So, we have at this very moment, this very day, delays put forth from those who wish to do us all harm. These beings (with a small b) are to be pitied. They have no love for anyone but themselves and do not feel worthy of love. This is why they fight 'tooth and nail' and even blood to hold on to what they feel is theirs. It is to no avail. They will not be able to hold on much longer.

In our eyes, this delay and holding on by the few dark ones still remaining is most unfortunate for those who are in dire need of the very basic of life's staples, such as; food, clean water, health care, housing, etc. We feel frustrated too, dear hearts, as we know that many pure hearts are suffering needlessly.

We hear your calls for assistance and respond as best as we can. We know many of you personally have lost your jobs and/or homes; and if you are lucky enough to still have those two primary necessities, we realize that many of you are still having difficulty paying your monthly expenses. This is also unfortunate and in our eyes, unnecessary.

So, while your White Hats and Alliance members (which includes your Galactic Families) continue to deal with the very last remaining threads of the dark ones and their political maneuvers angled for continued delays; please remember to send them love vibrations of the highest order. ALL OF THEM. Yes, send love to the dark ones and to your family of the light. Do this every day, and every moment that you think of them. Believe me, they will feel it!! You are indeed a powerful bunch and can accomplish much together.

Love is the most powerful force (albeit gentle) in the Universe. Your love vibrations will uplift those Lightholders working on the 'front lines' and will seep into the hearts of the dark ones--the ones who have not felt love their entire lives. This is where your power lies, Ligthworkers! Work together on this! Send love to everyONE you have ever felt 'unworthy' of love. Send love to everyONE whom you have ever despised, even for a split second. Maybe the drunk driver who hit and killed an innocent bystander? Send them love too. Please.

This is in your job description, dear Lightworkers. You are the Bearers of the Light. You feel and build up the enormous love from Mother & Father God in your hearts and then blast it out to everyONE! At least, this is what you're supposed to be doing! (smile). Yes, this is the job that you have taken on right now, in this very lifetime. So, would you like a “gold star” for a job well done? Your collective efforts of blasting out Mother & Father God's unconditional love to everyONE will get you that gold star—or better yet, bring in the GCR and GESARA for everyONE that much quicker! What other job could give you such perks? Oh, I'm teasing you all now! (Laughs) But, this is my way. Yes, it is a very big responsibility but you can do it with ease, grace and joy; especially if you all work together!

How do you do that? How do you work together when you're spread out all over Gaia in different countries and time zones? Well, telepathically of course! Before your meditations or drifting off to sleep, just state your intention to do so. For example: “I intend to connect with other Ligthworkers and send Mother & Father God's Love to everyONE on Gaia, in Hollow & Inner Earth, to our Galactic Families, Gaia & all her Kingdoms and the Company of Heaven. For everyONE's most benevolent outcome and their highest good. With ease and grace. So be it! It is done. ”

While you are at it, please continue to use my Violet Flame of Transmutation!

We are in this together, Lightworkers!! We all have our parts to play and we're “this close” to a grand and glorious RELEASE of the prosperity funds and our magnificent reunion parties! Please do not despair or lose hope. REMEMBER: NOTHING CAN STOP THE GCR & GESARA!! No-thing!

I will return tomorrow with further messages for you if you wish. (Yes, please!). I AM St. Germain and I am pleased to give this RV/GCR SitRep to my Lightworkers on Gaia at his auspicious time. Love and blessings to you all.

Please feel free to share!  My blog is always free.
Source:  Messages of Love Through Dancing Dolphin

Saturday, September 15, 2018

DIVINE MOTHER GOD: "I hear your prayers to keep your loved ones safe"

Divine Mother God through Dancing Dolphin

"I hear your prayers to keep your loved ones safe."

*Received Friday, Sept. 14, 2018*

Note:  Tonight I asked to receive messages for the Lightworkers of Earth.  Mother God came to speak after Sanat Kumara gave his message.  It is a thrill and honor to connect with each one of the amazing Beings of Love!

Dear Children of Earth:  This is Mother God and I would like to send you a message tonight also. Many of you are fearful of this hurricane called 'Florence' hitting the U.S. at this time.  I hear your prayers to keep your loved ones safe. 

All are my loved ones, the plants and grass and trees also. The drops of rain, the grains of sand in the beach and the wind that blows. I do not 'pit' the forces of nature against man. This is not a battle or an attack. I want you to see this event from my side, my point of view; to contemplate this event from another perspective.

Your Father and I created Gaia, all the elements of Gaia, including animals and humans. The atmosphere, oceans, forces of nature are all part of that creation. Just as we do not control each and every action that you take, so too we do not control the forces of nature. It is a natural process. The 'red tide' in the Gulf of Mexico and the typhoon in the Philippines are all natural disasters, naturally occurring.

Your love and prayers and protection requests are heard dear ones. We respond to all requests, just maybe not in the manner that you asked for. We will not step in if it is in a person's soul contract to pass on or experience a broken leg, for example. Do you see?

You are all loved beyond measure, every single cell of your bodies, your brilliant Souls are all adored by your Father and I. Know this. You are loved. You are cherished.

This is the message I would love to give my Children of Gaia at this time. I send you all my Pink Light of Unconditional love, wrapped in a warm, fuzzy blanket complete with fuzzy slippers for your precious feet! You are wrapped up in my love.  

Source:  Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

SANAT KUMARA, PLANETARY LOGOS: "Gaia is ready for her new Sovereigns!"

Sanat Kumara through Dancing Dolphin

"A massive cleansing took place this week.  You have a clean slate and Gaia is ready for her new Sovereigns!"

*Received Friday, Sept. 14, 2018*

Note:  Tonight I asked to receive messages for the Lightworkers of Earth.  Sanat Kumara came to speak after my Higher Self had given her message. This is the first time I have ever connected with Sanat Kumara and his presence was very powerful, calming and full of love.

I am asking this One to be patient now because I do have a further message and that is that I would like to announce that I am Sanat Kumara, I am the Planetary Logos of Gaia at this time. I have seen the many notable messages given here and would like to add my own essence to the message to Lightworkers of Gaia.

A cleansing has taken place, Dear Ones. A cleansing of the dark ones that have ruled Gaia for many millennia. This has been occurring for most of your lives to be sure, but the final clearing has taken place this very week. Mother God decreed that they no longer would be allowed to have a foot-hold on Gaia. Their time of power-hungry dealings and lives full of anger and woe would come to an end. She gave them many chances to comply to her wishes but they did not heed. They were indeed removed forcibly this very week.

This clearing was done by a combination of many forces of Light. You, Lightworkers of Earth, together with the Galactics and their Alliance of White Hats were mainly responsible for the forceful mass exodus of the dark ones from Gaia. It was a very difficult and challenging plan to be sure. Difficult, exhausting, heart-wrenching and not pleasant.  However, it was Mother's decree so we all worked together to get it done. 

If you do not remember working on this massive project this week, do not be surprised. Many, many of you did indeed work on this project but it was a part of you that you are not aware of.

Like this One's H.S. shared above, there are many pieces of you (Soul Sparks she called it) but you are not aware of most of them, only yourself in this 3D body. You may be a Nurse, Teacher or college student at this moment of this 3D life; but another part of you may be a Warrior of the Light!

I mentioned that this event was heart-wrenching and it was so because as Light Beings, we cannot imagine choosing 'death' over being reunited with our Creator. But these beings chose not to be reunited with their Creator, but chose to be taken to the Central Sun for reprocessing.

Lightworkers of Earth, of Gaia, my purpose in coming here tonight to share this message with you is to put you on notice that Gaia is ready for you NOW. She is ready for her new Sovereigns to take over and bring forth the New Earth that you have all created and built. 

Take your plans for sharing your new found prosperity and make them a reality for all. As your Planetary Logos, it is my charge to watch over Gaia and it is my honor to do so when the Lightworkers have decreed that they will step forth and create the new Golden Age!

We (all of us) who have worked to battle the dark these many millennia have worked to provide a 'clean slate' for you to do your new good works. We will all step into the New Earth together and use our skills and talents to the best of our ability. I look forward to working with you all. I will stand side by side with you, the Human Angels.  I am Sanat Kumara and I bid you Adonai this fair evening. Thank you for listening.

Please feel free to share!  My blog is always free.
Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

Dancing Dolphin's HIGHER SELF: Would you like to connect with your Soul Sparks?

Dancing Dolphin's Higher Self

"Would you like to connect with your Soul Sparks?"

*Received Friday, Sept. 14, 2018*

Note:  Tonight I asked to receive messages for the Lightworkers of Earth.  My Higher Self chimed in right after Sananda finished with the message below.  

Greetings, Lightworkers of Earth!  This is Dancing Dolphin's H.S. Here to say that I am in touch with each and every one of your H.S's. Yes, we all know eachother in the higher realms and we wanted to let you know that we are ever so proud of you! Your strength and courage is admirable and makes us beam like proud parents, even though we aren't your parents.

Structurally in the Universe and beyond, things are much simpler and much more complicated than you imagine. This may be confusing, but just know that the spark that resides in you, your Soul Spark is both a spark from your H.S. (your Soul lineage) and also of course, the Spark of the Creator. 

There are many versions of “you” in the Universe, some may call them your “past lives” but you have future lives too; parallel lives, lives in other dimensions and in other places. You've heard this before and know that it is true...there is no time. All your “lives” your “Soul Sparks” are occurring at the same time and your H.S. monitors all these incarnations and gives guidance when possible.

I didn't intend for this to be a lesson on how things work, but I did intend to illustrate for you how connected you are! You are not alone! 

Would you like to connect with your Soul Sparks? State your intent before you sleep that you wish to connect to your Soul Sparks during your dreamtime or meditations. Once you make the connection, you will be able to speak to eachother telepathically. You may share experiences, talents, strength, lessons, etc. It is a wonderful experience! This one says her Soul Sparks feel like Sisters and Brothers and she feels their love.

You are surrounded by love, not only from your H.S. and Soul Sparks, but from other higher dimensional beings as well. We are all thrilled at the lightwork you have been doing. You really have no idea yet what you have accomplished. But I can tell you this—it's stupendous! Gorgeous! Illuminating! Incandescent! Brilliant! You have simultaneously (together with many other Beings) cleared away the darkness and created the New Earth!

So, when you are weary and can't think of what you wanted to say--please know that it's not because you're 'getting older' or 'having a senior moment' (our favorite saying)! It's because many other parts of YOU are working overtime to bring this 3D journey to an end. 

You are working multi-dimensionally even while you are awake!! Do you ever feel really spacey? Really out there? Can't focus? Sometimes you are bi-located when you get these feelings. One part of you is in 3D and another part is in a higher dimensional realm.  Let's be honest--other times maybe you are just exhausted because you're been working at night also.

Please give yourselves a break when you can. Napping is wonderful. Clean water and fresh fruits and vegetables are vital. Be kind and patient with yourselves.

Know that you are loved, appreciated and connected to a vast Soul Family! We will all be together soon and be able to celebrate this amazing journey on Gaia from darkness to light that has been happening for millennia. Then, after much celebration and rest—on to the next!

I wish you a fair evening and an even more glorious tomorrow--the start of all your tomorrow's. Know that your H.S. Is guiding and supporting you. You are not alone and your are loved.

Source:  Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

SANANDA: Ask for Help! Call on Us!

SANANDA through Dancing Dolphin

"Call on us.  Ask us for help!  We love to help!"

*Received Friday, Sept. 14, 2018*

Note:  Tonight I asked to receive messages for the Lightworkers of Earth.  Sanada stepped up first to share the message below.  

Yes, Dear One, this is Sananda and I would love to tell the Lightworkers of Earth that we are here, that we are always here and would love for you all to call on us more often. We see you all struggling with the heavy energies, the incessant news stories which are created to drain your energy, the high stress levels that you all have in your lives and many, many other reasons. 

We see you suffering and would love to step in and help but we do need to be asked. That goes for me, all Ascended Masters and Mother & Father's Angels. ASK US for help! We LOVE to help!! 

This One has started doing that again and she can feel our presence as her days become even a tad more joyful where before they were tiresome. By connecting with us and asking for our assistance, we can indeed pave the way for your lives to be filled with ease. You may or may not feel our presence, but that doesn't matter. For we are always with you regardless.

For example, it need not be an emergency before you ask for help. If you need assistance handling a difficult situation, to have the strength and courage to get through your day, or when you wake up exhausted after a night of dreamtime work; call on us!!

Alpha and Omega be! This is my humorous way to remind you that "the end is near!" But fear not, your “new beginning" will follow! The end of the old 3D way of life and your new 5D lives and New Earth (or Nova Gaia) are waiting in the wings and ready to jump out on stage. The stage of your new lives!

Hang in there a bit longer, call on us for help and imagine your bright future with all of us in the new 5D, New Earth! That's my message for today. I am your Sananda and I send my love on bright moonbeams to all Lightworkers! 

Source:  Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

St. GERMAIN: "Congratulations! It has begun!*

St. Germain through Dancing Dolphin
"Congratulations!  It has begun*!"

Received Wed., July 11, 2018

Let us say that on this day “it has begun” dear One. What would you do then? Would you jump up and down? Would you dance in the streets? Would you kiss your partner? Would you scream from the rooftops? Well, you'd better get going and do all those things, for indeed it has already begun, and earlier than this day!

It began in earnest on the day I told you it was released in May. (Note: on May 22, 2018 I received a personal message from St. Germaine that has not been published). That was the day, the late night right about midnight when I awoke you from your bed and asked you to get up to take my first message to you. That was the day that Mother God fully released her blessings upon all those living on Gaia. The funds, love and gratitude have been flowing in full force since then. It did have some ways to go to get to you and your friends. So now, it is almost mid-July and it has finally arrived at your doorstep. You only need to listen for the bell!

Do what you wish to celebrate, but know that it IS here in full NOW. All the governments and countries of the world have lined up and done what was necessary for this benevolence to occur. Many of your Leaders will have stepped down by the time the public knows what has happened. Some were not in accord with the changes and were not serving the Light. So, they have been or will be removed. All had a choice. Some did not choose the Light, but that number is minuscule compared to those who embraced the Light, like you and your Lightworker friends.

All is one and those who did not choose to embrace the light this time around will have a chance to grow, mature and make better decisions in the future. Unless of course they refuse--and that is another matter all together. But let's not think about that now.

Everyone has a choice of where they take their lives and where they will choose to end up. What turn to take, left or right or straight down the middle. Every single choice and decision leads each Soul on their own individual journey. Sometimes side-steps are taken and corrected and other times those side-steps were needed to learn a nugget of wisdom. No action is seen as incorrect, it was just what was needed at the time. Every single step all human Souls have taken in their lives has brought them forward to this time. Each and every Soul on Gaia at this time made the conscious choice to be here to experience this Grand Awakening. And what a privilege it is!!

All the lives and journeys and collaborations that were taken and created to get here is staggering. But, all done in Service for the Highest Good of All. It has been a magnificent pleasure to be part of this tremendous experiment of Light. And I am honored to have experienced it with you all, my Lightworker Family! Together, we have worked side by side with our families; Inner & Hollow Earth, the Galactics, the Company of Heaven, Gaia and all her Kingdoms, and of course, Mother & Father God.

The in-breath has been occurring for millennia and now, finally, the out-breath may begin! For we have all taken a much anticipated step forward into a New Era. In my last message, I asked you all to “Step Forth” to claim your Birthright and your Sovereignty and you did!! You all marched right into the New Earth and claimed it as your own! Brave and hearty Souls all!

I am here tonight to Congratulate you all once again and to wish you peace, prosperity and wisdom. Be at peace for your Birthright has been secured. You have claimed it and it is yours. The tiniest of details is the only reason you wait at this late hour. Be at peace. We feel your love and gratitude and wish you all well on this lovely summer evening. I am your St. Germaine and love all of you! We will celebrate together soon! Namaste.

Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

*NOTE:  For those who are unfamiliar, St. Germaine is referring to the "RV/GCR" (Global Currency Revaluation) which will trigger NESARA/GESARA and our ASCENSION to the New Earth.  

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