Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Ascended Master ST. GERMAIN - RV/GCR SitRep 9-18-18

St. Germain through Dancing Dolphin
**RV/GCR SitRep**

Received Tuesday, Sept 18, 2018

Prelude:  Let us greet each other, dear one. (Mental greeting)  Yes, that is better. We are connected now. I heard your call, asking for a SitRep of the RV/GCR and yes, I got a laugh out of that too. Yes, I know the Lightworkers would love this, so I will comply with your wish.

Today, this day in your time is a day when I can honestly say that my time frame for this event is past due. As I told you in May, June and July, it was released by the Mother. Since then, many hoops have been jumped by various diplomats who are doing their utmost to secure the GCR and GESARA for their countries. But there are still those who oppose this movement and progress.

Let me say that nothing NO-THING can stop the GCR, GESARA and all my prosperity funds from being delivered to you and Gaia's peoples. No-thing! Mother has indeed decreed this event from the beginning of Gaia's time and she has indeed released it earlier this Spring.

So, we have at this very moment, this very day, delays put forth from those who wish to do us all harm. These beings (with a small b) are to be pitied. They have no love for anyone but themselves and do not feel worthy of love. This is why they fight 'tooth and nail' and even blood to hold on to what they feel is theirs. It is to no avail. They will not be able to hold on much longer.

In our eyes, this delay and holding on by the few dark ones still remaining is most unfortunate for those who are in dire need of the very basic of life's staples, such as; food, clean water, health care, housing, etc. We feel frustrated too, dear hearts, as we know that many pure hearts are suffering needlessly.

We hear your calls for assistance and respond as best as we can. We know many of you personally have lost your jobs and/or homes; and if you are lucky enough to still have those two primary necessities, we realize that many of you are still having difficulty paying your monthly expenses. This is also unfortunate and in our eyes, unnecessary.

So, while your White Hats and Alliance members (which includes your Galactic Families) continue to deal with the very last remaining threads of the dark ones and their political maneuvers angled for continued delays; please remember to send them love vibrations of the highest order. ALL OF THEM. Yes, send love to the dark ones and to your family of the light. Do this every day, and every moment that you think of them. Believe me, they will feel it!! You are indeed a powerful bunch and can accomplish much together.

Love is the most powerful force (albeit gentle) in the Universe. Your love vibrations will uplift those Lightholders working on the 'front lines' and will seep into the hearts of the dark ones--the ones who have not felt love their entire lives. This is where your power lies, Ligthworkers! Work together on this! Send love to everyONE you have ever felt 'unworthy' of love. Send love to everyONE whom you have ever despised, even for a split second. Maybe the drunk driver who hit and killed an innocent bystander? Send them love too. Please.

This is in your job description, dear Lightworkers. You are the Bearers of the Light. You feel and build up the enormous love from Mother & Father God in your hearts and then blast it out to everyONE! At least, this is what you're supposed to be doing! (smile). Yes, this is the job that you have taken on right now, in this very lifetime. So, would you like a “gold star” for a job well done? Your collective efforts of blasting out Mother & Father God's unconditional love to everyONE will get you that gold star—or better yet, bring in the GCR and GESARA for everyONE that much quicker! What other job could give you such perks? Oh, I'm teasing you all now! (Laughs) But, this is my way. Yes, it is a very big responsibility but you can do it with ease, grace and joy; especially if you all work together!

How do you do that? How do you work together when you're spread out all over Gaia in different countries and time zones? Well, telepathically of course! Before your meditations or drifting off to sleep, just state your intention to do so. For example: “I intend to connect with other Ligthworkers and send Mother & Father God's Love to everyONE on Gaia, in Hollow & Inner Earth, to our Galactic Families, Gaia & all her Kingdoms and the Company of Heaven. For everyONE's most benevolent outcome and their highest good. With ease and grace. So be it! It is done. ”

While you are at it, please continue to use my Violet Flame of Transmutation!

We are in this together, Lightworkers!! We all have our parts to play and we're “this close” to a grand and glorious RELEASE of the prosperity funds and our magnificent reunion parties! Please do not despair or lose hope. REMEMBER: NOTHING CAN STOP THE GCR & GESARA!! No-thing!

I will return tomorrow with further messages for you if you wish. (Yes, please!). I AM St. Germain and I am pleased to give this RV/GCR SitRep to my Lightworkers on Gaia at his auspicious time. Love and blessings to you all.

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Source:  Messages of Love Through Dancing Dolphin

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